Your marathon questions answered 1

Your marathon questions answered

Your marathon questions answered From the benefits of beetroot juice to keeping cramps at bay – sports nutritionist, James Collins answers more of your commonly asked marathon nutrition questions… Question 1: Can you eat anything in particular to help stop muscle cramps? James says:There are many potential links to muscle cramping, but there is no

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Fitness & fat burning 2

Fitness & fat burning

Fitness & fat burning Losing weight is a simple maths equation – you need to burn more calories than you consume each day. But what you eat and how you exercise can make all the difference too… Long and slow exercise Your total calorie burn will be greater when you exercise at high intensities, but

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Which milk is right for you? 3

Which milk is right for you?

Which milk is right for you? More and more people are exploring alternative substitutes to cow's milk. Nutritional therapist Kerry Torrens takes a look at the most popular options – and our cookery team puts them to the test in the Good Food kitchen Scour the dairy shelves in your supermarket and, as well as cow’s milk,

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What to eat for... Healthy joints 4

What to eat for… Healthy joints

What to eat for… Healthy joints Natural anti-histamines, potent antioxidants and inflammation-fighting foods have been packed into our ultimate recipe for joint health. Read up on key ingredients to include in your diet and try making our powerful amaranth porridge… View this recipe: Amaranth porridge with green tea & ginger compote How these ingredients and others

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The right recipe for exercise 5

The right recipe for exercise

The right recipe for exercise It’s difficult to know what to eat before, during and after exercise to naturally improve energy, stamina and recovery. Our three brand new recipes are ready in a flash and include some special ingredients to help you make the most of your workout. The pre-exercise shake: Low-fat and ready in

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Marathon meal plan 6

Marathon meal plan

Marathon meal plan Worried about what to eat and when to run the week before a marathon? Sports nutritionist James Collins has advised Team GB on their Olympic nutrition and here provides advice and recipes for the seven days before your big race. Whether you're running your very first marathon or you're trying to improve

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Healthy eating: What young children need 7

Healthy eating: What young children need

Healthy eating: What young children need Got a child of five or under? Find out everything they need for a healthy, balanced diet that meets all of their needs. As a parent, the nutritional needs of your baby or toddler are obviously a priority, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of differing

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What your food cravings really mean 8

What your food cravings really mean

What your food cravings really mean Experiencing some unusual cravings? Is it just about mood or could you be lacking something essential? From pregnancy to feeling picky, Kerry Torrens explains what your body might be trying to tell you… If you’re prone to the mid-morning munchies or feel the urge for that afternoon sugar hit

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Prescription Weight-loss Medicines 9

Prescription Weight-loss Medicines

Prescription weight loss medicines are given to you by your doctor. They can help obese people lose weight. They are usually used when diet and exercise alone are not working. People who use these medicines may not feel as hungry. Or they may feel full after eating only a small amount of food. Another type

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Good health starts with Good Food 10

Good health starts with Good Food

Good health starts with Good Food We make our healthy recipes as nutritious as they are delicious. Here we explain our approach to healthy eating, and how we label our recipes Our philosophy We believe that a varied, balanced diet featuring whole, unprocessed foods is the key to good health. Everyone’s needs are different, so

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