Healthy snacking

Healthy snacking

Are you a serial snacker? Do you find it impossible to sit on the sofa without a bumper bag of crisps, or can’t get through the 9-5 without a nibble on something naughty? Well, there’s no need to deprive yourself with our low-fat, better-for-you bites.

Healthy snacking

Dare to dip

Easy to eat, moreish and often high in fat – don't let deceptive dips be your downfall. Swap creamy, cheesy, calorific types for healthy versions packed with whole foods, veg or your favourite fish.

  • Edamame & chilli dip with crudités
  • Smoked mackerel dip
  • Smoky chipotle pepper salsa

Healthy snackingA liquid lift

Put down the chocolate and fill up with super smoothies. Throw in as much fruit as you like and not only will you be calming sugar cravings, you'll be getting a good dose of your five-a-day too.

  • Mango & banana smoothie
  • Cranberry & raspberry smoothie
  • Breakfast smoothie
  • More smoothie recipes
  • How to make the perfect smoothie

Healthy snackingNice not naughty

We all need a treat from time to time and we can literally have our (slice of) cake and eat it with these lovely, light recipes. Perfect to revive you from the afternoon lull.

  • Banana & blueberry muffins
  • Lime & chilli pitta crisps
  • Skinny chocolate & cranberry muffins
  • Fruity teacake

Low-fat fish

Simple fish favourites make great healthy, flavourful snacks – pop some in your lunchbox and enjoy throughout the day.

  • Prawn spring roll wraps
  • Easy salmon sushi
  • Smoked mackerel loaded leaves

Healthy snackingStick it to me

Next time you turn on the telly, reach for some healthy snacks on a stick. These bite-sized beauties will satisfy a whole lot more than the usual high sat-fat faves.

  • Teriyaki tuna skewers
  • Prosciutto & celeriac twists
  • Chicken skewers with cucumber & shallot dip


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