Liz Earle's top five foods to improve your complexion

Liz Earle's top five foods to improve your complexion

Liz Earle is known worldwide for her wealth of knowledge on all things health and beauty. Here she shares her five natural beauty secrets that will help your skin to glow with health…

Liz Earle's top five foods to improve your complexion

Whether you're battling dry skin in the winter or an oily sheen come summertime, it seems we're rarely at ease with our complexions. Pollution, sun exposure, stress and a diet full of sugary, processed foods are just a few of the external factors that can cause your skin to look less than its best. Beauty expert, Liz Earle has honed her expertise for over 25 years and knows that great skin starts from within. Save face with her top five dietary do's and don'ts for a glowing complexion all year long…

Five natural ways to get perfect skin…

1) Avoid sugar Liz Earle's top five foods to improve your complexion
Wean yourself off the white stuff! Sugar is a real enemy to our skin, as raised blood sugar levels increase the risk of skin inflammation, and research suggests that inflammation contributes to problems such as acne, eczema and skin ageing. Try using a natural sweetener instead, such as xylitol, which reduces tooth decay and is thought to help support bones. Stevia is also a natural herbal sweetener. 

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Liz Earle's top five foods to improve your complexion2) Include probiotics 
Probiotics have become synonymous with helping to maintain good digestive health whether taken as daily supplements, or ingested as active cultures in ‘live’ organic yogurt. The benefits of these 'friendly' bacteria are now thought to extend beyond the digestive tract and really help keep skin clear. By lining the gut, they create a healthy, sealed barrier that prevents inflammation – often the trigger for breakouts.

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3) Go green Liz Earle's top five foods to improve your complexion
Green foods can help encourage clearer skin. Adding a spoonful of chlorella, spirulina, barley grass or wheatgrass powders to a homemade juice or smoothie can help maintain the body’s natural balance. Most of us eat too much of foods like meat and dairy products, and stress and overwork can further throw us off balance. The first tell-tale signs are often bad skin. These green powders are also a great source of chlorophyll, which helps cleanse the system and provides us with a fantastic energy and vitality boost. 

Liz Earle's top five foods to improve your complexion4) Pack in the plant oils 
Introducing plant oils into our diets is one of the most beneficial things we can do for our complexions. Look for cold-pressed oils, as these will contain more vitamin E to keep us looking younger for longer. Drizzle a spoonful over cooked vegetables like broccoli or runner beans, or try using a mixture of different oils such as olive oil, rapeseed and pumpkin seed oils in salad dressings.  

5) Fish for complimentsLiz Earle's top five foods to improve your complexion
If you want to make sure you’re looking your most radiant, then make sure you include plenty of oily fish in your diet. A great source of protein and omega-3s, which have been shown to reduce inflammation and may even help with skin disorders such as psoriasis.

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