Eating for exams 1

Eating for exams

Eating for exams If you're hitting the books this summer, follow our foodie advice for making the most of your mind… Having just started studying again in my late 20s, I am reminded of all the desperate ways we try to overload our brains when exams loom. Record cards, corkboards, exercise books, revision plans, mock

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What to eat for... Healthy joints 2

What to eat for… Healthy joints

What to eat for… Healthy joints Natural anti-histamines, potent antioxidants and inflammation-fighting foods have been packed into our ultimate recipe for joint health. Read up on key ingredients to include in your diet and try making our powerful amaranth porridge… View this recipe: Amaranth porridge with green tea & ginger compote How these ingredients and others

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Good health starts with Good Food 3

Good health starts with Good Food

Good health starts with Good Food We make our healthy recipes as nutritious as they are delicious. Here we explain our approach to healthy eating, and how we label our recipes Our philosophy We believe that a varied, balanced diet featuring whole, unprocessed foods is the key to good health. Everyone’s needs are different, so

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Vital vitamins 4

Vital vitamins

Vital vitamins Don’t turn to a pot of pills for a health boost – nutritionist Jo Lewin divulges what different vitamins do and how to get all you need naturally. Vitamin A Vitamin A is essential for growth and cell development, vision and immune function, plump, youthful skin and hair. It protects against infections and is

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How to prevent a cold 5

How to prevent a cold

How to prevent a cold Discover top tips to support your immune system and keep colds at bay, from the best foods to eat to top up vitamin levels to how much exercise you need. If you're determined to stay cold and flu free, there are some simple steps you can take that might help you

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What does organic mean? 6

What does organic mean?

What does organic mean? Is it worth buying organic? Make up your own mind with our no-nonsense guide… What does ‘organic’ actually mean and what’s the difference between organic and non-organic fruit, vegetables and animal products?  Organic – a definition  The Department for Agriculture and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) states that: ‘Organic food is the product

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Simply super 7

Simply super

Simply super Want to pack yourself full of the good stuff? Discover our favourite super foods as well as ideas for adding them to your everyday diet… From Atkins to alcohol free, it seems that every day brings with it yet another fad diet or detox program. With each one promising even greater results than

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A fat lot of good fat 8

A fat lot of good fat

A fat lot of good fat Sort the good fat from the bad with our expert guide to eating a healthy, balanced diet… High-fat diets are often linked with major health problems including obesity and heart disease.  However, we all need some fat in our diet to stay healthy. Fat is a good energy source

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Why isn't my low-fat diet working? 10

Why isn't my low-fat diet working?

Why isn't my low-fat diet working? Kerry Torrens explains why some low-fat diets are high in sugar, and how the white stuff may be scuppering your weight-loss goals… Although we think of sugar as the stuff in our sugar bowl, that's not the full picture. Many foods, such as white bread, pasta and rice, are

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