Freeze-ahead recipes for parents-to-be

Freeze-ahead recipes for parents-to-be

From scrumptious cakes that feed a house full of eager guests to simple homemade suppers, we have loads of ideas for whipping up a feast for your freezer.

Freeze-ahead recipes for parents-to-be

Early days

If you're expecting a baby and all the cuteness, mayhem and visitors that come with your new arrival, then cooking up a storm might not be the first thing on your agenda. But in between the muslins, nappies and blankets, a batch of homemade, ready-prepared meals can make those early days much easier. After all, in busy times who doesn't want to cut out the stress of shopping, cooking and washing up?

If you don't fancy doing a kitchen blitz, then you can simply double up portion sizes of your weekly meals as you go and put half on ice. From scrumptious cakes that feed a house full of guests to simple homemade suppers, we have loads of ideas for whipping up a feast for your freezer.

Freeze-ahead recipes for parents-to-beThe family way

Juggling a family is hectic at the best of times, but if you have a hungry toddler or teen as well as a newborn baby, then life is bound to be that little bit busier. Worry not, the below recipes have been specifically tailored to keep the whole family happy and are freezable too. Make a few of these in advance and you're sure to be thanking yourself later.

  • Easy fish cakes
  • Easy lamb tagine
  • Easy beef stew with sweet potato topping
  • Easy fish pie

Comfort factor

 Freeze-ahead recipes for parents-to-beA little bit of calm and a soothing bowl of comfort food can be just what you need after the arrival of a newborn. As cute as babies are they seem to have very little respect for sleep and meal times. Settle down with a creamy lasagne or lamb & apricot meatballs and spend any quiet time you get relaxing rather than in the kitchen.

  • Creamy lasagne
  • ​Rich ragu
  • Lamb & apricot meatballs
  • Cottage pie
  • Root veg & ricotta lasagne
  • Tomato & hidden veg sauce
  • John's chilli con carne


Time for tea

 Freeze-ahead recipes for parents-to-beNew babies tend to come with an influx of eager visitors, which is lovely but can be draining, especially if the house is a mess and you're still in your dressing gown. Having a ready-made stash of homemade cookies or cakes is bound to make you feel more relaxed about entertaining. When the time comes to open the floodgates, feed them up on tea and cake then let them lose on the baby, or preferably the washing up, while you have a quick break.

  • Raspberry Bakewell cake
  • Freezer biscuits
  • Custard & white chocolate biscuits
  • Gooey chocolate cherry cookies
  • Chocolate & banana cake
  • Rhubarb buckle

Veggie delights

Freeze-ahead recipes for parents-to-beSleepless nights and feeding babies may well leave you in need of a nutritional lift. Pack yourself full of the good stuff with these healthy veggie recipes, and you'll soon feel the benefits.

  • Black bean chilli
  • Mumbai potato wraps
  • Summer vegetable curry
  • Creamy split pea curry
  • Spinach & ricotta cannelloni
  • Garden herb pesto

Make Friday night alright

Friday nights might not feel quite the same, but whip a homemade curry or a lamb shank out of the freezer and it'll still feel special, if a little less raucous.

  • Chicken tikka masala
  • Vietnamese lamb shanks
  • Chilli chicken one-pot
  • Crispy fish & chips
  • Simple pizza base
  • Cardamom butter chicken

Puddings are us

Freeze-ahead recipes for parents-to-beA day (or night's) work doesn't get much harder than caring for a newborn baby, so now is as good a time as any to treat yourself to some scrumptious homemade puds. Midnight feasts aren't just for the early teens, have a batch of these ready in the freezer and you can indulge whenever the desire should take you… but we're not ones to knock a tub of ice cream and a spoon either. 

  • Blackberry & pear scrumble
  • Fastest-ever lemon pudding
  • Blueberry & coconut pudding
  • Apple pie
  • Lemon drizzle cake

Still in need of inspiration? Check out all of our freezable recipes online, there are hundreds to choose from. Or get all your questions answered with out guide to freezing food.

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