How to kit out a kid's kitchen

How to kit out a kid's kitchen

Make life easier for your junior cook by investing in the right tools to keep them safe, happy and inspired… they’ll be cooking you dinner before you know it.

How to kit out a kid's kitchenRound-ended fruit knife or butter knife

A slightly serrated knife can be used to 
cut through softer ingredients, such as mushrooms, cucumbers or strawberries – this gets your child used to the chopping action.

Victorinox Tomato Knife with green handle, £5.25,

How to kit out a kid's kitchen
A well-fitted apron

In an adult apron, they’ll spend more time wriggling than cooking. The right-sized apron instils a sense of pride and professionalism.

Kids PVC Bugs Apron (57 x 42cm), £7.50,

How to kit out a kid's kitchenDigital scales

Children today are more familiar with electronic gadgets rather than trying to read a needle on a dial on a pair of traditional scales.

Salter 1066 LCD Electronic Kitchen Scale, £12, Sainsbury’s.

How to kit out a kid's kitchen
Plastic bowls

You can never have enough bowls. Good-value and lightweight versions are not too heavy for little arms, and it doesn’t matter if they get dropped or battered about a bit.

Four-piece Mixing Bowl Set, £5, Asda.

How to kit out a kid's kitchenA sturdy box grater

Lots of ingredients you’d normally chop can be grated, but a child needs a box grater that they can push against. Choose one that has both coarse and fine sides, so that they can grate ingredients that need to be finely chopped, such as garlic or ginger.

My Kitchen Box Grater, £9.99, Lakeland.

How to kit out a kid's kitchenPastry brush

No tin is greased or raw chicken basted in our house without one of my kids doing it. This is a task they completely understand from painting.

Wooden Pastry Brush, £1.75, John Lewis.

What bit of kitchen kit could your kids not live without? And what are your tips for getting your children involved in the kitchen?

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