Fun Easter projects for kids

Fun Easter projects for kids

Holiday time is upon us, so why not spend quality time whipping up a little Easter magic with your budding junior chefs? Discover our easiest ever recipes… 

Fun Easter projects for kids

Keeping the kids entertained this Easter is easier than you might think. We have plenty of fun, creative recipes that keep children involved every step of the way.

Rice pop doughnuts

These rice pop doughnuts are a fun activity for kids to get stuck into over the holidays. Just a few ingredients needed, no baking and plenty of sprinkles – but impressive results. (Picture above). 

Rice pop doughnuts

Bunny cupcakes

Fun Easter projects for kids

Kids and adults will fall in love with these cheeky, cute cupcakes. You can choose to pipe or spread the icing grass over the cakes, and kids will have fun modelling the bunny butts! 

Bunny cupcakes 

Hedgehog bread

Fun Easter projects for kids

Introduce kids to the art of breadmaking with this fun and easy starter recipe. Using a bread mix speeds up the process and means children fast-forward to the fun part… there's lots of snipping and decorating fun to be had.

Hedgehog rolls

Hot cross scones

Fun Easter projects for kids

Simpler than bread-based hot cross buns, these basic scones are an easy win for teatime with kids and they will love decorating them with strawberry laces. The added grated apple gives a lovely naturally sweeter flavour… 

Hot cross scones

Easiest ever biscuits

Fun Easter projects for kids

The simplest biscuits you and the kids will ever bake. We've stamped clean toys into these to decorate them – try your own favourite patterns. From Monopoly trains to toy dinosaur feet, you can have endless fun stamping these.

Easiest ever biscuits  

More ideas to try…

Fun Easter projects for kidsMeringue nest cheesecake with mini eggs

This is possibly the easiest cheesecake you will ever make, but when cooking with kids that's sometimes exactly what you need. Older children will be able to follow most of these steps without adult help, whereas young children will simply love filling the nests with mini eggs, sprinklings of coconut, hundreds & thousands and fluffy chicks. 

Meringue nest cheesecake with mini eggs

Fun Easter projects for kidsWhite rabbit biscuits

These fluffy, white bunny biscuits are sure to be a hit with the kids. Marshmallow bunny tails and pink icing feet will keep the smallest of hands happy and busy. If you don't have a cookie cutter for the rabbit head then these can look just as good as a plain bunny bottom, and they'll definitely raise a few giggles from your young chefs.  

White rabbit biscuits 

Fun Easter projects for kidsEaster egg brownies

Whether you're looking to complete the whole recipe with a slightly older child, or you're prepared to let your little ones decorate your hard work, this is a lovely project for children of all ages. From mixing the cake mixture, slicing Creme eggs, crushing up chocolates and loading the brownies – this is a sure cure for holiday boredom. 

Easter egg brownies

Fun Easter projects for kidsChocolate cornflake cakes

If you're looking for a quick, simple and easy project to keep the kids occupied, then you need look no further than these perfect chocolate cornflake cakes.  They won't take you long to make, but you can always get creative and load with little eggs, chicks or sweets. The recipe has been specifically written for children to follow, so if you're cooking with older children you might even be able to relax with a cup of tea. 

Chocolate cornflake cakes 

Fun Easter projects for kidsLemony Easter chicks 

Introduce your child to the art of meringue making at a tender age, and who knows what beauties they'll be knocking up once they reach their teens? Get the children to help you make the meringues, then let them decorate the chicks by themselves. You might end up with a few that look like Angry Birds, but that's all part of the fun.

Lemony Easter chicks

Easter chocolate truffle cake Fun Easter projects for kids

This chocolate cake is a more child-friendly version of a traditional simnel cake, made with chocolate and truffles instead of marzipan. Older children will enjoy getting stuck into the various stages of this cake, while younger kids will love making the truffles. Plus, they're sure to soak up the glory come Easter lunch…

Easter chocolate truffle cake

Fun Easter projects for kidsVanilla chick biscuit pops

Kids will love mixing, rolling and cutting out these cookie pops. Let them decorate with buttercream and yellow-tinted desiccated coconut and chocolate chips to make fluffy chicks that are almost too cute to eat (but not quite).

Vanilla chick biscuit pops

Fun Easter projects for kidsFlowerpot chocolate chip muffins

The words 'double chocolate' are guaranteed to pique your little one's interest – and baking these irresistible little sponge cakes in flowerpots only adds to the fun. Decorate with rice paper daisies to finish the effect.

Flowerpot chocolate chip muffins

Fun Easter projects for kidsChocolate chip hot cross buns

Spend an afternoon indoors and fill your home with the aroma of sugar, spice and melting chocolate with this lovely Easter recipe. The writing in bold is for the kids, and there are steps for them to follow throughout the method. As well as kneading, shaping and piping, little chefs can also practise their division skills.

Chocolate chip hot cross buns

Chocolate tiffin Easter nestFun Easter projects for kids

What kid isn't going to fall in love with Frances Quinn's fridge cake creation? This magical Easter recipe has been written especially for kids, and has been timed to hold their concentration throughout.  The 'nest' is made from a scrumptious mix of pretzels, peanuts and raisins, and filled with shiny chocolate eggs. The children are bound to draw an admiring crowd when they bring this little beauty to the table…

Chocolate tiffin Easter nest

Easter biscuit lolliesFun Easter projects for kids

Make these pretty biscuit lollies as gifts for friends, or use them as place names on your Easter table. Making them will keep the kids entertained for a good hour then there is lots of food colouring fun to be had so you might want to arm younger kids with some handy plastic aprons.

Easter biscuit lollies

Coconut & white chocolate cupcakes Fun Easter projects for kids

This recipe is a great one for slightly older chefs, as turning the mini eggs into little chicks is quite a fiddly business, but well worth the effort. Children are sure to be absorbed in this project for hours and they'll  be delighted with the results as well as the taste!

Easter nest coconut & white chocolate cupcakes


Crackin' crFun Easter projects for kidsess heads

Kids will adore making these crackin' cress heads and can get as creative as they like when it comes to decorating – no idea is too big or too small. The cress hair will start flowing in a few days, and you can always give your creation a stylish haircut if you want to indulge in an egg and cress sandwich or two.

Crackin' cress heads

Easy hot cross buns Fun Easter projects for kids

Want to keep your buns traditional? The smallest of hands can get involved with this simple hot cross bun recipe, and these little beauties are worth making for the aroma alone. Help the kids practise their stirring, rolling and measuring skills, then settle around the table for a warming afternoon treat of homemade buns slathered in butter.

Easy hot cross buns

If you want to try your hand at decorating your own easter eggs, check out our video for some inspiration. 
Still not sated? Check out the rest of our Easter recipes for kids…

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