Supplements: Are they worth it? 1

Supplements: Are they worth it?

Do you need supplements to stay healthy? Dietitian Karissa Woolfe explores what your body needs at every life stage. Shelves in the health-food aisle of supermarkets and pharmacies are stacked with colourful supplements. Over a third of women and a quarter of men reported regularly using dietary supplements in the last national nutrition survey, but

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The facts about vitamins and minerals 2

The facts about vitamins and minerals

We all know we need vitamins and minerals in our diets. But why are they so important for good health? How much do we need and can we get enough from food? Fionna Carruthers uncovers the facts. If we think of fat, protein and carbohydrates as the building blocks of our food, vitamins and minerals

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Science update: Vitamin D 3

Science update: Vitamin D

Over-exposure to the sun has the potential to kill us, but too little is not ideal either. We investigate current research into what the optimal balance should be for New Zealanders. Cancer and vitamin D The sun safety 'slip, slop, slap and wrap' message seems to be working. For people under 40, our world-beating rates

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Folic acid and iodine message not getting through 5

Folic acid and iodine message not getting through

Kiwi women who are pregnant or planning a pregnancy are not getting the message about the importance of iodine and folic acid supplementation for the development of their babies, a new study has found. Around 52 per cent of women surveyed by University of Otago researchers meet the Ministry of Health iodine target of 150mcg

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Science update: Iodine – the brain mineral 6

Science update: Iodine – the brain mineral

New Zealanders are at serious risk of iodine deficiency. HFG senior nutritionist Rose Care explains why iodine is important and how to make sure we're getting enough. Why do we need iodine? Used by the thyroid gland to produce thyroid hormones, iodine is essential for normal growth and metabolism. Low iodine levels can cause poor

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Ask the experts: Iodine for vegetarians 7

Ask the experts: Iodine for vegetarians

Q: "I am a vegetarian for medical reasons and I'm concerned about getting enough iodine since I don't eat fish or iodised salt. What foods have sufficient quantities of iodine in them?" Naomi A: We asked dietitian Fiona Carruthers to respond: "Good sources of iodine for vegetarians include dairy products and eggs. Dairy products contain

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Are you getting enough iron? 8

Are you getting enough iron?

A guide on how to meet your body’s iron needs, whatever your age. One in four New Zealand women don’t get enough iron, and around 2% suffer from anaemia as a result. Getting enough iron can be difficult, especially if you don’t eat much red meat. Here’s the low-down on getting the iron you need.

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How to boost iron 10

How to boost iron

Iron is found in small amounts of many foods. The foods below provide 4-5mg iron, but more of the iron in the meat and mussels will be absorbed. The absorption of iron from plant sources is affected by other components in the food and what it is eaten with. 7 tablespoons toasted sesame seeds grilled

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