Label detective: Sugar tax 1

Label detective: Sugar tax

What would it take to bring in a sugary drinks tax? Food law specialists at Simpson Grierson investigate. Governments around the world are beginning to impose taxes on sugary beverages, citing concerns around lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and obesity. New Zealand has yet to join countries, such as Britain, Ireland and a number of

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Let’s be brave

A tax on sugary drinks hurts no one and offers the chance for real rewards. At Healthy Food Guide we’ve watched with concern over the years as New Zealanders’ health as a population has got worse, and no real headway has been made in the area of health policy to solve the problems of obesity

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Secrets to stop sugar cravings 2

Secrets to stop sugar cravings

Do you hunger for something sweet half an hour after dinner each night? HFG explains the science behind cravings – and offers simple strategies to tame your sweet tooth. Why is it that after eating a perfectly satisfying meal we often fancy something sweet? An extra piece of toast with jam after breakfast, a biscuit

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Sugar, sugar: Where’s it hiding? 3

Sugar, sugar: Where’s it hiding?

There’s nothing wrong with a little sugar, says HFG senior nutritionist Rose Carr, but as our food supply has changed many of us have realised we’re consuming way too much of it. First up let’s focus on reducing the right types of sugars. It’s free sugars we need to worry about: all added sugars, plus

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How to spot sugar 4

How to spot sugar

Becoming a sugar spy – sniffing out hidden additions or decoding nutrition labels – is easy when you know how. If you’re trying to limit added sugar in your family’s diet, the supermarket can be a tricky place to navigate. As well as the obvious places we’d expect to find sugar (sweet drinks and treats

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Smart swaps: Lower sugar 6

Smart swaps: Lower sugar

Reducing the added sugars we eat can help to control weight and prevent tooth decay. Choosing products lower in sugar can also help our taste buds adjust to less-sweet foods. Here are some smart swaps for cutting back. Instead of Watties Pick of the Crop™ Peaches Sliced in Light Syrup Choose Watties Pick of the

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Sugar – don’t forget the big picture 7

Sugar – don’t forget the big picture

When it comes to healthy eating, so much is about context. I’ve been reminded of this in the wake of the recent Nigel Latta documentary on television about sugar. View the documentary here. In the show, Latta highlighted the abundance of sugar in our food supply, and the potential harm this is doing to our

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‘Healthy’ sweet treats: Are they healthier? 8

‘Healthy’ sweet treats: Are they healthier?

Most of us enjoy a sweet treat sometimes and, as the wellness trend grows, making healthier versions of sweet treats has become super-popular. There are raw cheesecakes, slices and cookies made with nuts, seeds and alternative sugars, among other ingredients. Using nutrient-rich ingredients like nuts, seeds and oats does increase the nutritional value of sweet

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Spotlight on sugar 9

Spotlight on sugar

Here’s a prediction from me for 2013: we’ll be hearing a lot more about sugar, sugar-free diets and sugar’s effects this year. Sugar is once again a buzzword and, increasingly, a baddie, in nutrition and diet circles, from the faddish to the serious scientific community. The latest from the credible science camp on this subject

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