How much sodium is in those crackers 1

How much sodium is in those crackers

Crackers are a convenient snack, but can be high in salt. Which options have lower sodium levels? Crackers can be a great vehicle to savour a range of lunch or snack toppings. But one of the things that can hide away in crackers is salt, otherwise known as sodium chloride.too much sodium in our diet

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Ask Niki: Sodium in stir-fry sauces 2

Ask Niki: Sodium in stir-fry sauces

Q. “I eat a lot of stir-fries because they’re quick and easy. But I’m worried about the amount of sodium in the sauces. How can I cut back on the salt?” Belinda A. Asian sauces are notoriously high in salt — a serious downside to an otherwise healthy cuisine. For example, one tablespoon of soy sauce contains

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How much salt in your kids’ day 3

How much salt in your kids’ day

It’s easy for sodium to build up over a day. Dietitian Katrina Pace shows how to keep levels healthy for children. We know too much salt can give adults high blood pressure. But these days, kids are also being diagnosed with high blood pressure and this can be linked to developing health problems later in

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Ask the experts: The sodium-potassium balancing act

HFG senior nutritionist Rose Carr investigates the lesser-known, but equally important mineral we need for lower blood pressure and better health. We talk a lot about reducing sodium in our diets because of its links to increased risk for high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease (CVD). But it’s less known that potassium also has a

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Yum yum umami 4

Yum yum umami

HFG editor-at-large Niki Bezzant takes a trip around our taste buds to explain the taste sensation that is umami. Have you ever savoured a delicious gravy made from slow-cooked meat juices, or had your mouth water at the prospect of tasty cheese, Marmite on toast or miso soup? If you have, you’ve experienced umami, the

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Ask Niki: Salt-reduced stock 5

Ask Niki: Salt-reduced stock

HFG editor Niki Bezzant answers your questions about food. Q: “I’m trying to cut down on my sodium to lower my blood pressure. Your recipes often use salt-reduced stock cubes, powder or liquid. Where do I get these? Which ones do you recommend?” Andrew A: There are some good options available now which make choosing

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Too much salt bad for mouse brains 6

Too much salt bad for mouse brains

A high-salt diet can impair cognition in mice, according to a recent animal study. Researchers from Cornell University found mice who were fed a high-salt diet had reduced blood flow to their brains caused by an increase in white blood cells in the gut which release inflammation-causing molecules. The effects of the salty diet were

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Ask the experts: Breastfeeding and salt 7

Ask the experts: Breastfeeding and salt

Q: “Why am I craving salt? I am breastfeeding my third child, who is three months old. We have a balanced diet and we live rurally so we eat very little processed food or takeaways. I have also increased the omega-3 fat content of my diet for the last six months to help ward off

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Health check: Turn the tables on pre-hypertension 8

Health check: Turn the tables on pre-hypertension

We’ve probably all had our blood pressure checked at some point in our lives. In the first instalment of our pre-conditions series, dietitian Katrina Pace looks at what to do if the result comes back high. Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is a fairly common condition in New Zealand, affecting roughly one in three adults.

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Ask the experts: Blood pressure 9

Ask the experts: Blood pressure

Q: “I am looking for ways to lower my husband’s blood pressure via his diet. I know the basics, but I am really looking for easy-to-cook meals the whole family can enjoy. I have three young children and am not into being a short order cook – one meal for the whole family, I say.”

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