Magic milk 1

Magic milk

Whey protein-enriched milk, as part of a high-carbohydrate breakfast, helps slow the digestion of carbohydrate and maintain lower blood sugar levels, even after lunch, in normal weight adults. Universities of Guelph and Toronto, August 2018 Author: Healthy Food Guide Healthy Food Guide First published: Oct 2018 2018-09-13 08:49:08

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Kids’ special: Protein power 2

Kids’ special: Protein power

As a kid you do lots of activity and you need to make sure you get proteins – these are nutrients for your body’s muscles to keep you strong and help you to move easily. What your muscles do Muscles are used to protect your skeleton Muscles help the body move Muscles are made of

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Protein at every meal for stronger muscles in older people 3

Protein at every meal for stronger muscles in older people

Did you know eating protein at every meal might make you stronger? New research suggests eating daily protein across breakfast, lunch and dinner potentially increases muscle strength in older people. Older adults participating in Canadian research who consumed protein in a balanced way during the day had more muscle strength than those who consumed more

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Eat less and feel full: How protein can help you 4

Eat less and feel full: How protein can help you

Could eating a little more protein banish your snack attacks and help your body burn more fat? Stephanie Osfield investigates. Have you ever eaten two pieces of toast for breakfast, only to be ravenous an hour later? Lack of protein could be to blame. Though the word ‘protein’ may conjure images of buffed up body-builders

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Protein: Should we be eating more? 5

Protein: Should we be eating more?

First, it was protein balls and shakes. Now, even some of our breads highlight it as an ingredient. But do we actually need so much? Dietitian Brooke Longfield has the answers. Protein is being billed as the star ingredient in many of our everyday food items, so you’d be forgiven for thinking that we all

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How much protein do babies really need? 7

How much protein do babies really need?

There has been quite a bit of confusion over a news story claiming we’re feeding our babies too much protein. Recently presented data by Dutch researchers show toddlers in the Netherlands consume up to four times the amount of protein they need, and this, potentially, is associated with being overweight and obesity. As far as I

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High-protein diets 8

High-protein diets

The recent fashion for high-protein diets has seen many people removing carbs from their diets. Is a high-protein diet a good idea? Any 'diets' that completely eliminate carbohydrate- containing foods or whole food groups are not recommended for long-term weight loss or health. To lose weight, you need to create an energy deficit in the

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How to boost your protein 9

How to boost your protein

It’s recommended that between 15—25 per cent of our energy (kilojoule) intake is from protein. For an average 8700kJ day that’s between 78—130g of protein. In New Zealand our average intakes are at the lower end of this range, but our HFG menu plans (see page 54) provide over 20 per cent energy from protein.

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Why do vegetarians need more protein? 10

Why do vegetarians need more protein?

Vegetarians have higher protein requirements because plant proteins are not as well digested and processed by the body as animal proteins, and are not as 'complete' as protein from meat. So how much more is required? It's recommended that vegetarians eat 10% more protein than meat-eaters, and because vegans don't eat eggs, milk or dairy

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