Bowel cancer-gut bug link 1

Bowel cancer-gut bug link

New Zealand scientists have identified a gut bacteria species they believe may cause bowel cancer. University of Otago researchers found Bacteroides fragilis in the gut of almost 80 per cent of people with a pre-cancerous lesion – a precursor to the disease. B. fragilis is a common species in our gut that mainly helps with

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Probiotic promise for pregnancy complications 2

Probiotic promise for pregnancy complications

Probiotics taken during pregnancy at specific times potentially help lower the risk of some complications during pregnancy, according to new research. Data from the Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort Study of more than 70,000 pregnancies show probiotic intake was associated with a 20 per cent lower risk of pre-eclampsia, but only during late pregnancy, while

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Try this: Sauerkraut juice 4

Try this: Sauerkraut juice

Sauerkraut, or pickled cabbage, is said to have gut health-promoting properties, but are there any health benefits from drinking its juice? What is it? Sauerkraut juice is the liquid that comes from cabbage when making sauerkraut. Why try it? Like sauerkraut, the juice contains bacteria that can help us grow a range of good gut

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The truth about fermented foods 5

The truth about fermented foods

Kombucha, sauerkraut, kimchi or kefir… fermented foods are being lauded for their beneficial bacteria. Dietitian Katrina Pace looks at the science behind the health claims. Fermented foods have been a health-food buzz for some time now, and people are even learning to make their own. They’re taking to social media and weekend workshops to talk

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Ask the experts: Fermented foods 6

Ask the experts: Fermented foods

Dietitian Clarice Hebblethwaite looks at an ancient group of foods that can have great benefits for our overall health. What are fermented foods? Fermented foods, also known as cultured foods, are something our ancestors regularly ate. When there was a large harvest of food or milk, fermentation preserved the excess food and milk so we

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Ask the experts: The candida diet 7

Ask the experts: The candida diet

Q. “I’ve been told I have candida and I’ve been given quite a strict diet, including no yeast, sugar, dairy and processed foods. I feel I could be sacrificing beneficial foods unnecessarily. Is there a test for candida? And will this diet help?” (Name not supplied) A. The diet you describe is controversial, unproven, and also difficult

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Ask the experts: Candida 8

Ask the experts: Candida

HFG senior nutritionist Rose Carr answers your questions about candida. I’ve been told I have candida. What does that mean, and can it cause all the symptoms they say? Candidiasis, often called ‘thrush’, a ‘yeast infection’, or simply ‘candida’, is an infection caused by the Candida species of fungus, most commonly Candida albicans. This fungus

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Probiotics: More than a gut feeling? 9

Probiotics: More than a gut feeling?

We know they're good for digestive health, but could probiotics have other benefits? Christine Piper seeks the latest expert advice. They've been touted as a miracle of modern science, but you may be surprised to learn that probiotics, or so-called 'good bacteria', have been used by humans for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians and

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Prebiotics and probiotics 10

Prebiotics and probiotics

Improve your digestion and reduce your risk of disease by making the most of prebiotics and probiotics in your food. The health of your digestive tract is influenced by many things, including bacteria inside your gut. There are more than 400 species of bacteria living inside your large intestine. However, not all bacteria are beneficial.

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