How much vitamin C is in that winter food? 1

How much vitamin C is in that winter food?

We often turn to vitamin C for immunity support when the cold sets in. What are some of the best food sources this season? In winter, having enough vitamin C can help boost a flagging immune system. The recommended dietary intake (RDI) is just 45mg a day but, while that will prevent deficiency, we’re better

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Sugar, sugar: Where’s it hiding? 2

Sugar, sugar: Where’s it hiding?

There’s nothing wrong with a little sugar, says HFG senior nutritionist Rose Carr, but as our food supply has changed many of us have realised we’re consuming way too much of it. First up let’s focus on reducing the right types of sugars. It’s free sugars we need to worry about: all added sugars, plus

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How much salt in your kids’ day 3

How much salt in your kids’ day

It’s easy for sodium to build up over a day. Dietitian Katrina Pace shows how to keep levels healthy for children. We know too much salt can give adults high blood pressure. But these days, kids are also being diagnosed with high blood pressure and this can be linked to developing health problems later in

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How much iron is in that food? 4

How much iron is in that food?

Ensure your iron intake satisfies the RDI amount relevant to your gender and age by eating a variety of iron-rich food. 8mg for all men, and women aged 51 years and older. 18mg for women aged 19-50 years. Iron is an important component of our blood’s oxygen-carrying molecule, haemoglobin, which transports oxygen from the lungs to

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How to make sure your baby has enough iron 5

How to make sure your baby has enough iron

Which is better for baby's iron levels: commercial baby food or homemade? Researchers at Starship Hospital recently found that babies who were initially fed commercial baby food had less iron deficiency than those whose first meals were homemade. Almost one in six (14%) children in Auckland under two years of age are iron deficient. Homemade

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Ask the experts: The sodium-potassium balancing act

HFG senior nutritionist Rose Carr investigates the lesser-known, but equally important mineral we need for lower blood pressure and better health. We talk a lot about reducing sodium in our diets because of its links to increased risk for high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease (CVD). But it’s less known that potassium also has a

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What to do with firm tofu 6

What to do with firm tofu

Tofu is a sponge for flavour – here are some quick and easy recipe ideas. This protein-packed, high-calcium ingredient is so versatile and with these recipes, your dishes will be delicious as well as nutritious. Super stir-fry Marinate tofu cubes in 3 tablespoons salt-reduced soy sauce, 2 cloves grated garlic, 2 teaspoons grated ginger, 1

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Ask the experts: Potassium for heart health 7

Ask the experts: Potassium for heart health

Q: "I have recently learned that as well as reducing sodium for blood pressure and heart health, we should be increasing our intake of potassium. The recommended dietary intake (RDI)of 3500mg potassium per day sounds like an awful lot of bananas and potatoes." Ngaire A: Nutritionist Amanda Johnson responds: "Assuming your blood pressure is high,

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How to spot sugar 8

How to spot sugar

Becoming a sugar spy – sniffing out hidden additions or decoding nutrition labels – is easy when you know how. If you’re trying to limit added sugar in your family’s diet, the supermarket can be a tricky place to navigate. As well as the obvious places we’d expect to find sugar (sweet drinks and treats

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Nutritional deficiency and mental health 9

Nutritional deficiency and mental health

Deficiencies in key nutrients can affect mental wellness and cognition. Katrina Pace shares what to eat to nourish your body and mind. We’ve been told time and time again that eating a nutritious, varied diet is great for our physical health. Now research has confirmed this also applies to our mental wellbeing. Not only that,

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