Organic claims 1

Organic claims

Ciska de Rijk and Gwendoline Keel, food law specialists at Simpson Grierson, explain the law around claiming food is organic. Choosing organic produce – if you can afford it – is becoming popular in New Zealand and there are more and more products now featuring an organic label. But what does it really mean? What’s

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Ask the experts: Organics 2

Ask the experts: Organics

Q: "I've heard organic food is more nutritious than inorganically grown produce. Should I be trying to eat more organics?" (Name not supplied) A: There doesn't seem to be any consensus about this yet: some research says yes, some says no. And when more nutrients have been found in organic produce, the difference has been

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What does ‘organic’ mean? 3

What does ‘organic’ mean?

'Organic' has come to mean products and produce grown in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way. How do you identify what's real and what's marketing hype on packaging? If you see certification marks – Biogro, Agriquality or Demeter – you know that food has been independently audited and certified as organic. All three systems have slightly

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