Spotlight on palm oil 1

Spotlight on palm oil

Journalist Amberleigh Jack brings us the latest on palm oil product labelling in New Zealand, and how to spot where it’s hiding. Making the decision to eat more healthily often involves looking at ingredients lists and nutrition panels on product labels so you can see just what you’re consuming. The trouble is, sometimes labels aren’t

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Why you should eat NZ olive oil 2

Why you should eat NZ olive oil

You may have heard about the health benefits of the traditional Mediterranean diet; one of its better known 'secrets' is generous lashings of olive oil. Is locally produced olive oil better? Ancient Greek physicians knew of the beneficial properties of olive oil, although no doubt they expressed these in different ways to our modern scientists.

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This vs that: Olive oil and coconut oil 3

This vs that: Olive oil and coconut oil

Two popular oils compared: here’s what’s in a tablespoon of each. Olive oil 507kJ energy 93% total fat 2.3g saturated fats 9.0g monounsaturated fats Coconut oil 506kJ energy 92% total fat 11.6g saturated fats 0.9g monounsaturated fats Energy, total fat So far, so familiar. These are both oils so they’re mostly fat and very high

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Shopping for cooking oils 4

Shopping for cooking oils

Which oils should you use for what cooking, and which ones are the best for your health? Senior Nutritionist Rose Carr explains. Are you confused by the abundance of oils on supermarket shelves? We use oils for dressing salads, frying, cooking, baking, stir-fries and marinades, but most of us don’t want to stock our pantry

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Beware of snake oil peddlers 5

Beware of snake oil peddlers

I’ve been thinking a lot about how, now more than ever, it is so important Healthy Food Guide does its best to provide you with trustworthy, evidence-based information you can make good decisions from. In this digitally drenched world we live in, where vast swathes of information are available at our fingertips all day every

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Coconut: the good oil? 6

Coconut: the good oil?

It’s easy to assume that coconut oil is well-established as a ‘healthy’ oil, these days, so entrenched is it in the advice of wellness gurus on social media; in popular recipe books, and in ‘healthy’ recipes everywhere you look.    It’s a great feat of marketing that coconut oil has achieved this status. I’ve seen

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Ask the experts: Coconut oil 7

Ask the experts: Coconut oil

Q: "A friend of mine recently went to a seminar from which she returned with a clear message about the health-giving benefits of coconut oil. Is this true? If it is true, why does Healthy Food Guide say coconut oil is not a healthy oil?" (Name not supplied) A: There's a lot of information out

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Ask the experts: Healthy cooking oils 8

Ask the experts: Healthy cooking oils

Q: "I was told grape seed oil is the best cooking oil. Is it true? How about rice bran oil? What is the best?' Susan A: Dietitian Amanda Johnson responds: "Grape seed oil is a light oil that is ideal for cooking. It has a relatively high smoke point, which means the temperature at which

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Ask the experts: Coconut oil health claims 9

Ask the experts: Coconut oil health claims

Q. “Why is there so much information on the internet saying coconut oil is healthy, when Healthy Food Guide says coconut oil is not a healthy option?” (Name not supplied) A. The internet is full of information, but not all of it is equal. This is where it’s useful to cast a critical eye over the sources

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Guide to cooking oils 10

Guide to cooking oils

When it comes to cooking oils, we are spoiled for choice these days. But which oil is the best option to use in specific situations? Nutritionist Vanessa Furlong investigates. Cooking oils are one of the most frequently used items in the kitchen — from dressing salads to roasting, and almost everything in between. Not all

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