Why you should heart nuts 1

Why you should heart nuts

Eating several servings of nuts every week may help lower the risk of developing the heart rhythm irregularity, atrial fibrillation, also known as heart flutter, according to new research. The cardiovascular health of more than 61,000 Swedish 45-83-year olds was tracked for 17 years. Eating a 30g serving of nuts one to three times a

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Try this: Sunflower seeds 2

Try this: Sunflower seeds

Overshadowed by vogue-ish chia, affordable ‘plain Jane’ sunflower seeds are bursting with essential nutrients. Sprinkle them for added crunch, bake with them or grab a handful for a nutritious snack. Spice them up They have a mild nutty taste, but toasting sunflower seeds adds a depth of flavour. Tip a single layer into a non-stick

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Go nuts for heart health 3

Go nuts for heart health

You may have already heard that eating nuts is good for heart health, but new research examined specifically which nuts help most. Research led by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health found small differences between different tree nuts (such as almonds, Brazils, cashews, pistachios and walnuts) and peanuts (which are legumes but nutritionally

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How to choose nut and seed butters 4

How to choose nut and seed butters

Nut and seed butters can be a nutritious toast topper. There’s such a wide range now, which are better choices? What’s available? You can now buy cashew, almond, Brazil, pumpkin and sesame butters – as well as peanut butter. Although many still contain added sugar and salt, it is the ‘no-added-sugar’ and ‘no-added-salt’ ranges that

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In season mid-autumn: Chestnuts

Chestnuts are a versatile ingredient: they can be used in savoury and sweet dishes. While other nuts (eg. Brazil nuts, pecan and pistachios) are generally imported product, chestnuts are New Zealand-grown and plentiful for two months from mid-March to the end of May. Buying Choose glossy, plump firm nuts which indicate they have been freshly picked

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Nuts 5


Nuts are one of those foods that probably deserve the title of everyday superfood. I like this concept: foods which are commonly eaten and easily available, that also just happen to be super good for us. It doesn’t have to come from the Amazon or the Himalayas to be super, some of the humblest foods

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It is ALL about seeds… 6

It is ALL about seeds…

Let’s not overlook seeds when it comes to health and wellness! We all know that nuts are healthy – packed with good fats, vitamins and minerals that are all-round fabulous for your body (provided you don’t have tooooo many – they are high in energy, let’s not forget!). Seeds, however, are equally fabulous and often

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Ask Niki: How long do nuts last? 7

Ask Niki: How long do nuts last?

Q: “What is the shelf life for nuts? I know the oils in nuts go rancid if not stored properly.” Samantha A: Even though nuts contain a number of natural antioxidants to help stop the fats in nuts from going rancid, they can go off if not stored properly. The same goes for seeds such

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Ask the experts: Nuts and weight loss 8

Ask the experts: Nuts and weight loss

Q: “I suffer from constipation and I find the best way to manage this is to eat a reasonable portion of fresh unsalted nuts each evening. Despite regular daily exercise, I have put on a bit of weight. Are you able to advise which types of nuts have the least fat content? I’m thinking these

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Ask the experts: Seeds 9

Ask the experts: Seeds

Q. "To get the goodness out of seeds like sesame seeds, do they have to be cracked, broken or excessively chewed? Or are they just a bit of 'roughage' if they are eaten whole?" Gillian A. Christchurch-based dietitian, Kristen Corselius White responds: "Flaxseeds' omega-3 fatty acids, lignins and fibre have been associated with beneficial cardiovascular and anti-inflammatory

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