High-protein diet and heart failure risk

High-protein diet and heart failure risk

Middle-aged men who eat a high-protein diet may have a slightly elevated risk for heart failure than those who eat less protein, according to new research.

Researchers in Finland studied 2441 men, age 42 to 60, over 22 years. Overall, 334 cases of heart failure were diagnosed. Around 70 per cent of the protein consumed was from animal sources and 30 per cent from plant sources. Higher intake of protein from most dietary sources, was associated with slightly higher heart failure risk. Only protein from fish and eggs were not associated with heart failure risk in this study, researchers said.

It’s recommended protein accounts for around 15-25 per cent of our energy intake. This is an amount most Kiwis meet without trouble.

Circulation: Heart Failure, May 2018

Author: Healthy Food Guide

Healthy Food Guide

First published: Jul 2018

2018-06-14 10:23:50

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