Healthy eating on the run

Healthy eating on the run

ADVERTORIAL: It’s 2pm, you’ve just come back from a long walk after a wholesome lunch and feeling pretty good… and a little hungry. Your mind scans the fridge and pantry and bang, remembers the leftover muffins. Yep, they’re yummy alright, but they’re not part of the healthy eating you had in mind for today.

Making sure you have tasty, nutritious snacks on hand – like Tegel’s new Chicken Tenders – makes it much easier to stick to your healthy eating plan, and resist that afternoon muffin, especially after a great workout at the gym!

Easy and tasty

Made from 100% succulent chicken tenderloin (the best bit of the chicken breast) these ready-to-eat bites come in delicious Tandoori and Thai Style (Lemongrass & Lime) flavours. Perfect hunger busters that you can pop in your chiller pack and eat straight from the pack when you’re on the run, these tenders are a good source of protein, which helps you stay fuller for longer.

And if there are any of these tasty morsels left, share them with the kids after school. They’re great served with hummus and chopped veges, thrown into a wrap or just perfect served on their own.

So, next time you’re stocking up on nutritious snacks, try Tegel’s new Chicken Tenders. You’ll find them in the dairy deli section at your supermarket.

Snack time with Tegel Chicken Tenders

  • Ready to eat straight from the pack
  • 100% chicken tenderloin
  • Lean protein
  • Whole-food snack
  • No artificial flavours or colours



Healthy eating on the run

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First published: Aug 2017

2018-01-23 08:35:44

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