Ask the experts: Salmon and omega-3

Ask the experts: Salmon and omega-3

Q: "I am 64 and try to eat fresh NZ-farmed salmon at least twice a week to get the long chain omega-3 oils, which are said to be so healthy for the heart. Some time ago I saw a newspaper article which said that farmed salmon did not contain these oils, and only wild salmon did. Can you please advise me as to whether this statement is true or false."


A: We asked Stephen Gibson from NZ King Salmon to enlighten us. He advises that the only way to get wild salmon in New Zealand is to catch your own in the Rakaia river; not an option open to many of us! The good news is that all salmon have a very high omega-3 content, regardless of whether they are farmed or wild. Just 100g of fresh salmon will give you over 2.5g of long chain omega-3, which is well above the optimal recommended daily amount.

Author: Healthy Food Guide

Healthy Food Guide

First published: Jul 2008

2017-04-03 17:26:30

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