How much iron is in that food? 1

How much iron is in that food?

We know red meat is a good source of iron, but what other grocery items boost this essential mineral? Iron is responsible for carrying oxygen around our body. Low iron stores may make us feel tired, reduce our ability to learn and stop our immune system from working properly. Young women are most at risk

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How to get more iron in your day 2

How to get more iron in your day

Iron is found in every single cell of our bodies and it’s a mineral we can’t live without. Yet most of us aren’t getting enough. Here’s how to up your intake, without living on steak! DOWNLOAD – How to get more iron in your day Author: tracy Healthy Food Guide First published: Apr 2018 2018-04-04

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Easy ways to get more iron 4

Easy ways to get more iron

Too little of this essential mineral can leave you feeling tired, stressed and moody, and sabotage your sex drive. But good news: it’s easy to boost your intake with a few diet swaps. If you’re too tired for passion and prefer to snuggle up with a box set, or if you find just getting through

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How to boost your iodine 5

How to boost your iodine

We don’t need a lot of iodine in our diets but many of us don’t get enough. Iodine is an essential part of thyroid hormones, which play a vital role in maintaining our metabolic rate. Iodine is also critical for normal mental and physical development from conception and throughout childhood. Low iodine levels can cause

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How to boost your iron 6

How to boost your iron

Getting enough iron is key to performing at our best, ensuring we’re high in energy, thinking clearly and fighting off the winter bugs. There are two types of iron in our food: haem and non-haem. Haem iron is the most readily absorbed and it’s found in animal foods. For meat and poultry, an easy guide

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Are vegetarians really healthier? 7

Are vegetarians really healthier?

An interesting piece of research came across our desk last week. A study from Austria suggests what you might believe about vegetarians – that they’re healthier than the rest of us – is perhaps not the case. The vegetarians in the study had lower BMI and alcohol consumption but had poorer overall health. Vegetarians had

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Ask the experts: Iron for toddlers 8

Ask the experts: Iron for toddlers

Q: “My 15-month-old daughter is a keen eater and loves to pick up food to eat with her hands. I’m finding it hard to give her sufficient iron in her diet and I’d like to give her little sausages or luncheon to eat. Trouble is, I’m concerned about preservatives and other ‘nasties’ in sausage meat.

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Ask the experts: Vegetarian children 9

Ask the experts: Vegetarian children

Q: "My 11-year-old boy hates meat – he hates the taste and the chew. He is great with his vegetables, fruit, rice, pasta etc. How much meat does he need to be eating and if not meat, what can we replace these proteins and irons with that is interesting for kids?" Keryn A: Nutritionist Cindy

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Ask the experts: Haemochromatosis 10

Ask the experts: Haemochromatosis

Q: “I would like some advice from your experts on a diet for those who suffer haemochromatosis.” Kim A: Nutritionist Amanda Johnson responds: “Haemochromatosis is a metabolic disorder that causes increased absorption of iron. If untreated, an excess of iron is deposited in organs such as the liver, pancreas and heart, and over a number

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