Healthy choices, healthy planet (sponsored)

Healthy choices, healthy planet (sponsored)

The sweet, juicy goodness of pineapples are a favourite in Kiwi fruit bowls, and not just because they’re available year-round.

This tropical fruit is not just a source of vitamin C to aid immunity throughout the winter months, it also makes a great meat tenderiser and contains bromelain, which has anti-inflammatory properties.

Many of the pineapples you buy in the supermarket are grown in the Philippines and sourced by Dole, a long-time partner of the Rainforest Alliance (RA). All of Dole’s fresh pineapples and bananas carry the RA Certified Seal, which represents Dole’s commitment to sourcing fresh fruit from sustainable farms.

Sustainable agricultureHealthy choices, healthy planet (sponsored)

The RA seal uses the symbol of a green frog – an ‘indicator’ species that is always present in healthy agricultural environments.

Frogs are known as an indicator species because they live on land and in water and are extremely sensitive to toxins. If they are thriving in their ecosystem, it’s a sign the environment is healthy.

The RA, an international non-profit organisation of farmers, governments and environmentalists, works to ensure the protection of farm environments, and the wellbeing of farming communities with fair treatment and good working conditions.

Dole’s RA-Certified banana farms undergo meticulous audits so they meet stringent environmental and social criteria. This means that when you buy a Dole banana or pineapple product carrying the RA green frog seal, you are supporting farming communities in their efforts to protect the environment, secure a better living and build a better future for themselves and their families.Healthy choices, healthy planet (sponsored)

Juliana Dela Rosa (59) is a Dole harvester in the Philippines. Previously a tailor struggling to feed her four children, she felt like she’d ‘won the sweepstake’ when she began working for Dole, and could afford to buy three hectares of land. “I felt the huge difference when I started working in the company. I love my job because I am able to buy what I need and what I want. I can say that I am not deprived on anything. And I was able to send my child to college where he finished mechanical engineering.”

Closer to home

Dole is also committed to investing in sustainable environmental practices in New Zealand. The company was a major sponsor of the Motutapu Restoration Trust, which worked to restore damage to native flora and fauna after damage from Cyclone Debbie in 2017.

Dole has also worked alongside the Sustainability Business Network to help reduce industrial food waste in Auckland.

Choose to #followthefrog and support sustainably sourced Dole bananas and pineapples.


Healthy choices, healthy planet (sponsored)

Author: Kayla Brunton

Healthy Food Guide

First published: Jul 2018

2018-07-09 09:42:07

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