Less than half of Kiwis get 5+ a day

Less than half of Kiwis get 5+ a day

New research shows less than 40 per cent of Kiwis are eating five or more servings of fresh fruit and vegetables every day.

Of the 700 Kiwis surveyed about their fresh fruit and vegetable intake, 37 per cent reported they ate five or more servings every day. Meanwhile, 59 per cent of New Zealanders reported eating at least four different types of fresh fruit and vegetables daily, according to the 5+ A Day Charitable Trust, which commissioned the research.

5+ A Day general manager Paula Dudley wants to see consumption increase.

“We need to keep awareness top of mind to move consumption even higher to 45 per cent. This isn’t just a numbers game – there are huge health benefits for us all in doing so,” Ms Dudley says in a press release.

In the much larger New Zealand Health Survey 2015-2016, around 17,000 adults were surveyed about their fruit and vegetable intake. Results concluded around 40 per cent ate more than five serves a day.

If you’re looking to increase your fruit and vegetable intake, you’ll find plenty of easy tips here.

Author: latest_news

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First published: Sep 2017

2017-09-12 16:21:36

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