In season early spring: Tamarillos, mint, cauliflower, coriander

In season early spring: Tamarillos, mint, cauliflower, coriander


Originating in Central and South America, the tamarillo is a popular winter fruit with a tart, tangy flavour welcomed in both savoury and sweet dishes. Known earlier as ‘tree tomato’ due to the resemblance of the flesh to the garden tomato, its name was changed to tamarillo to avoid confusion. There are three varieties available, of which the red is the least sweet compared to the amber and gold varieties.


Two tamarillos provide a good source of fibre, vitamin C and vitamin A. Both these vitamins help your body absorb and use iron from other foods.


  • Pop tamarillo flesh into your next smoothie for a vitamin boost
  • Blanched tamarillos can be peeled and sliced into your favourite salad
  • Cooked and puréed with a little sugar, tamarillos make a delicious dessert topping
  • Create sharp, tangy relishes and chutneys teaming tamarillos with onions, sugar, vinegar and your favourite spices

Recipe idea

Pork with tamarillo sauce


Mint varieties contain a range of phytochemicals.


Blend with frozen peas and liquid salt-reduced stock then heat to make a minty pea soup base. Or add to mince mix for tasty burger patties. Mint adds instant freshness to a fruit salad or a jug of drinking water.

Recipe ideas

Mint-glazed lamb with soft polenta and green vege mash
Pea, mint and spinach mash
Minty raita


Cauliflower is a good source of vitamin C, vitamin B6 and fibre.


Cut in bite-sized florets and add to a crudité platter, make stir-fry veges sautéeing florets with garlic, minced ginger and tamari. Or make a soup with blended cauliflower and herbs.

Recipe ideas

Red lentil dhal with cauliflower and pumpkin
Roasted cauliflower mash
Chickpea and cauliflower curry


Coriander contains carotenoids often associated with orange fruits and vegetables, such as beta-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin.


Peppery-sweet coriander goes well with garlic, ginger and spring onions. Finely chopped roots add intense flavour. Add fresh leaves to cooking at the last minute.

Recipe ideas

Vegetable jalfrezi with rice
Chickpea and cauliflower curry
Chicken laksa-style soup

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