In season early spring: Tangelos

In season early spring: Tangelos

A tangelo is a hybrid of any mandarin orange (in the US also known as a tangerine) and either a grapefruit or pomelo (the largest citrus fruit, similar to a grapefruit in taste).

Tangelos have dripping juicy flesh and a loose skin which makes peeling easy. In appearance, this fruit looks like an over-sized mandarin with a knob at the top.


Choose tangelos which are bright orange-red in colour. Select fruit with smooth skin.


Like other citrus fruit, tangelos can be stored at room temperature but for longer-lasting fruit, store tangelos in the fridge.


A good source of vitamin C and fibre, tangelos, along with other citrus fruits, also contain a range of phytochemicals thought to enhance our health. Higher consumption of citrus fruits has been associated with reduced risk of coronary heart disease and stroke, and studies have shown a protective effect against some cancers.


Generally, tangelos aren’t used in baking recipes as high temperatures cause tangelos to break down, but should you be after a distinct orange-citrus flavour, add tangelos to the near-the-end-of-cooking time to avoid extended exposure to heat.

Did you know? The tangelo plant will fruit better with a neighbouring mandarin plant.

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First published: Sep 2011

2018-08-20 12:47:28

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