10 ways with baby spinach

10 ways with baby spinach

Harvest this easy-to-grow versatile green from your edible garden, or stock up at your farmers’ market or grocery store.

1. Spinach smoothie

Make a delicious smoothie with hidden vege goodness: combine 2 cups baby spinach, 1 cup frozen berries, 1 banana, 1/2 cup vanilla yoghurt and 1 cup milk in a blender and whiz well. Serves 2-3.

2. Mean green juice

Add 2 cups baby spinach to 3 carrots, 1 apple, 2 stalks celery and a piece of ginger in your juicer for a vibrant green vege juice.

3. Steak side

Sauté baby spinach with garlic and onion in a little olive oil. Add toasted flaked almonds to garnish and serve with grilled steak or chicken and oven fries.

4. Vege toss

Stir-fry broccoli florets in olive oil with a little finely chopped garlic. Add baby spinach and stir-fry until wilted. Add toasted pine nuts to garnish and serve with pan-fried fish or chicken.

5. Eggs’n’veg

Add baby spinach to your breakfast: steam a handful or two in the microwave for 30 seconds. Add to wholegrain toast and top with a poached egg.

6. Spinach filo parcels

Lightly cook about 3-4 cups* baby spinach (microwave for 30 seconds) then combine in a bowl with 1/2 block feta, ¼ cup extra-light cream cheese and 2 tablespoons sun-dried tomatoes. Use the mixture to fill filo squares folded into triangle-shaped parcels. Bake for 10-15 minutes until crisp and golden. (*3-4 cups spinach equals a 130g shop-bought bag spinach.)

7. Leafy rainbow slaw

Roughly slice baby spinach and combine with grated carrot, beetroot and cabbage for a tasty rainbow slaw. Dress with a combination of reduced-fat mayonnaise, yoghurt and mustard.

8. Green curry

Next time you make aThai green curry, add 3 cups baby spinach to the sauce at the end of cooking, and cook just until the leaves wilt down. They will add a gorgeous fresh colour and extra goodness.

9. Quick spinach pesto

In a blender or processor, combine 3 cups baby spinach, 1/2 cup unsalted cashews, 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil and the juice of 1 lemon. Whiz together to make a pesto texture — add more lemon juice or a little hot water if needed. Season to taste with freshly-ground black pepper.

10. Salmon and spinach omelette

For a quick and delicious lunch for one, make a two-egg omelette and fill with blanched broccoli, baby spinach and flaked hot-smoked salmon.

Author: Niki Bezzant

Healthy Food Guide

First published: Apr 2013

2017-04-03 16:51:47

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