In season early summer: New potatoes

In season early summer: New potatoes

The low-down

When it comes to potatoes, the texture and thickness of the skin depend on the variety of potato, and also the stage of their growth. New potatoes are early harvested potatoes, so their skin is thin, and they are generally waxy, not floury.

Choose firm, dry, blemish-free spuds – a little dirt on them is okay (dirt protects potatoes from bruising and greening).

Keep new potatoes well ventilated in a cool, dark place and use within a few days after buying them.

Potatoes provide fibre and a range of antioxidants including vitamin C, as well as useful amounts of B vitamins.

Ideas for using new potatoes

Many of the nutrients in potatoes are in or just under the skin. Because they’re small, cooking time should be kept to a minimum – they boil in about 10 minutes. For a traditional Christmas dinner, serve boiled new potatoes dressed with a little oil and mint and freshly ground salt and pepper. Or try a warm potato salad with a dressing of natural yoghurt, mustard and lemon juice with a sprinkling of mint. Steaming new potatoes gives them a lovely texture.

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First published: Dec 2009

2018-08-20 12:46:56

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