What to do with ginger

What to do with ginger

If you haven't tried fresh ginger yet, these ideas will inspire you.

The low-down

Ginger originated in China and has been used in food and medicine for over 5,000 years. It's a common ingredient in Chinese and Japanese cuisine and has a zingy, spicy flavour and aroma.

Ginger (imported) is available all year round in most supermarkets and greengrocers.

Ideas for using ginger

Ginger will give a lift to almost anything you put it with. Here are some great ways to use it:

  • Add a small knob to a couple of carrots and an apple in the juicer. It's a great 'pep-me-up' juice!
  • Slice thinly and add to stir-fried beef, pork or chicken. Add with the other vegetables towards the end of cooking to keep the zingy flavour alive.
  • Add a peeled knob of ginger to chicken stock then add sliced chicken breast, spinach leaves or other greens, spring onions, chilli and a dash of soy sauce for a tasty Chinese chicken soup.
  • Grate peeled ginger and mix with grated carrot and beetroot. Dress with a lemony vinaigrette for a tasty salad.
  • Add a slice of ginger to hot water or your favourite tea for a fragrant, warming drink on a cold day. Try this iced in the summer with a little honey for sweetness.
  • If you've got a chunk of ginger you're not using, it can be successfully frozen for future use. Just pull out of the freezer and use as is.
  • Try our Ginger beef with broccoli recipe.
Author: Niki Bezzant

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First published: Aug 2007

2017-04-03 17:17:01

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