Fibre: It’s not enough to get enough! 1

Fibre: It’s not enough to get enough!

We all know we need fibre every day. But scientists researching our gut bacteria and colon health are learning more about the importance of getting not just enough fibre but also different types of fibre. HFG senior nutritionist Rose Carr catches us up on the latest research. Fabulous fibre Most of us associate fibre in

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What’s causing that bloated feeling? 3

What’s causing that bloated feeling?

How’s your bowel today? It’s not something most of us like to talk about; not the sort of thing you chat with friends over a coffee about. But bowel issues are common for many of us at one time or another. Bloating, in particular, is a very common symptom, especially for women. A recent survey

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Ask the experts: Fibre RDI 4

Ask the experts: Fibre RDI

Q: On your nutrition information page at the back of your magazine, you say women need 25g fibre a day and men need 30g. Why do men need more? Ryan A: Nutritionist Catherine Saxelby responds: Generally, men need more of most nutrients, including certain vitamins, protein and minerals than females. The notable exception to this

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Ask the experts: Kiwifruit 5

Ask the experts: Kiwifruit

Q: "Do gold and green kiwifruit have the same fibre and nutritional make-up?" Lynda A: Nutritionist Claire Turnbull finds out: "Kiwifruit are well known for being rich in vitamin C and more recently have been recommended to help ease constipation. But how are gold and green different? What a great question! Having contacted Zespri who

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Can you have too much of a good thing? 6

Can you have too much of a good thing?

We all know what’s good – but is more always better? HFG nutritionist Claire Turnbull investigates the occasions when healthy foods can cause an overload. Fruit What happens if you eat too much? Fruit is good for us, but for a healthy balanced diet a variety of different foods is best. If you regularly call

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Kids’ special: Fibre is full on! 7

Kids’ special: Fibre is full on!

When you need something to make you feel full, a food which has fibre is a good choice. Fibre is a special type of carbohydrate and plant foods contain lots of it. Sometimes, fibre gives the plant foods a hard texture. Think of celery, grains, apples and pears: these have fibre and a hard texture,

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How to cure constipation 8

How to cure constipation

Dietitian Clarice Hebblethwaite discusses a topic most of us don’t like to talk about — and offers solutions to get you moving. How often do your bowels move? It’s hardly a discussion you have at work or over coffee with your friends! And that’s the trouble, as it leaves us not knowing what’s a normal

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Digestion as we age 9

Digestion as we age

Tips for keeping your digestion working properly as you age. About one-third of people over 65 suffer deterioration of their stomach lining, which means it doesn't make so much hydrochloric acid, pepsin (a digestive enzyme) and intrinsic factor. This reduces how much vitamin B12, folate, iron and calcium they can absorb. A deficiency of vitamin

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