Gluten free? Here’s your fibre fix 1

Gluten free? Here’s your fibre fix

Getting enough fibre when you’ve eliminated gluten from your diet can be hard. Dietitian Lana Hirth shows you clever ways to meet your target. For the estimated one in 70 Kiwis who have coeliac disease, removing gluten is a necessity, not a choice. Others choose to eat less bread and wheat-based food (and therefore less

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How to boost fibre 3

How to boost fibre

Why fibre? One of the important functions of fibre is for bowel health and regularity of bowel movements, but higher fibre diets are also  associated with reduced risk of diabetes, heart disease and some cancers. Foods high in fibre tend to be lower in energy, and  because fibre slows the rate of digestion, it helps

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Is your gut fibre fit? (sponsored) 4

Is your gut fibre fit? (sponsored)

Why fibre is key to a healthy gut Click here to find out if your gut is fibre fit! As we discover how important the balance of our gut bacteria is to wellness, the role of fibre is increasingly being revealed as crucial. We know that fibre is a key player in our digestion –

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Travelling and digestion 5

Travelling and digestion

Disrupted routines can upset our digestion and consequently affect our bowels. Here are a couple of simple tricks to manage this when you're on holiday. Have you ever noticed how easily we talk to complete strangers about our bowels? A recent tramping holiday, requiring 'close-to-nature' living in the bush and just such a discussion, caused

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Smart swaps: Fibre 6

Smart swaps: Fibre

With its ability to reduce cholesterol, help blood sugar control, fill you up for longer and keep you regular, fibre is the original super nutrient. Women need to aim for at least 25g of fibre and men, 30g daily. But, in reality, most adult Kiwi women eat only 17g a day and men only 22g.

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The whole(some) story: Nutrients you could be missing 7

The whole(some) story: Nutrients you could be missing

Deficiencies in these essential nutrients are common – but they're easy to avoid. Iron Why: Oxygen transporter. Iron is an integral part of haemoglobin which transports oxygen around, plus other transport systems and enzymes. What if I don't have enough? Women of childbearing age need lots of iron. If you have heavy periods or don't

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Get more fibre at every meal 8

Get more fibre at every meal

You know that fibre is good for you and that you need more of it, but how? The foods on this guide will help take your fibre intake to the max! DOWNLOAD – Get more fibre at every meal Author: tracy Healthy Food Guide First published: Apr 2018 2018-04-04 14:02:38

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Is Weet-Bix a healthy breakfast choice? 9

Is Weet-Bix a healthy breakfast choice?

Is Kiwi favourite breakfast cereal Weet-Bix a healthy option to start your day? Debate around the cereal’s nutrition started on social media after Auckland nutritionist Mikki Williden was publicly critical of Weet-Bix as a breakfast choice because it is low in protein and fat. At Healthy Food Guide, we have no problem with people –

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Fill up on fibre 10

Fill up on fibre

Fibre is not a sexy component of food. Even the word sounds dull and dry. ‘High fibre’ is not a label that tends to fill us with joy when we see it, even though most of us know that we need fibre in our diets to keep things ‘moving’ and keep our guts healthy. That’s

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