‘Food swamps’ swallow kids’ choices 1

‘Food swamps’ swallow kids’ choices

How much do you think about the environment around you? I don’t mean the big ‘E’ environment – the birds, trees and ocean. Of course this is important and we need to care about it, but I’m talking about the small ‘e’ environment – the spaces and world around us, every day, both inside and

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Are you eating more than you think (without realising)? 2

Are you eating more than you think (without realising)?

Unless you are extraordinarily disciplined with your eating, chances are that you eat more than you think you do. It’s a psychological phenomenon that has been widely researched, most prominently by Brian Wansink at Cornell University in the US. In his book Mindless Eating, Wansink shows that even people of normal weight underestimate their food

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Lactose intolerance, fast food, low-sugar baking 3

Lactose intolerance, fast food, low-sugar baking

Join Healthy Food Guide editor Niki Bezzant and nutritionist Claire Turnbull as they answer your nutrition and healthy eating questions, and deal with hot nutrition topics. This week the topics discussed are: Lactose intolerance Is fast food healthy and what would Claire eat?! How to substitute sugar in baking Click the orange play button to

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Ask the experts: Kebabs 4

Ask the experts: Kebabs

Q: "Lately we have been eating kebabs as a healthy option. But Jamie Oliver said recently that kebabs are full of fat! Is that true of New Zealand kebabs?" Shirley A: Nutritionist Cindy Williams investigated: "Kebabs are a healthier fast food option because they are not deep-fried and include bread and salad. However, kebab meat

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How to choose the best takeaways 6

How to choose the best takeaways

We all eat takeaways sometimes… nutritionist Brigid Chunn investigates the best (and worst) takeaway options.* Let’s face it. There are times when we all turn to fast food. While we’re not recommending fast food as a regular part of your diet, on those odd occasions it is possible to cherry-pick the menus and find options

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Five tips for making better fast food choices 7

Five tips for making better fast food choices

Tips for making healthy choices when ordering fast food. With so many fast foods available, it's hard to know which one is best. Even the 'healthy' options can contain hidden kilojoules, fat and sugar. So keep the following tips in mind next time you order a takeaway meal. Portion control: Choose the smallest size available

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We rate takeaways: The best and the worst 8

We rate takeaways: The best and the worst

Nutritionist Brigid Chunn investigates fast-food outlets and discovers which takeaway choices pass the healthy test – and which fail. McDonald’s Best: Seared chicken tandoori wrap Made with a chicken fillet with tomato, cucumber and lettuce topped with a mint yoghurt and tandoori sauce in a warm tortilla wrap, this meets Healthy Food Guide recipe guidelines

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Fast food: Burgers 9

Fast food: Burgers

We investigate the three big burger chains and find that it is possible to make healthy choices. Here's what we found at Burger King, Wendy's and McDonalds and how they rate as a % of an average person's daily fat and energy intake. (Nutrient analysis based on approx. recommended dietary intake (RDI) for an 'average'

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Weight-loss tips for men: Takeaways 10

Weight-loss tips for men: Takeaways

Men’s weight-loss expert, Andrew Dickson gives blokes some tips on takeaways. When it comes to food, men seem to be convenience connoisseurs. Marketers claim convenience and speed are the two main motivating factors for male shoppers and I tend to agree. For many blokes it is an affront to manhood to plan a meal, write

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