Shopping for cream alternatives

Shopping for cream alternatives

Cream is delicious, but as we know it is high in kilojoules and saturated fat. If you want to reduce your intake of these, there are some very good alternatives that won’t compromise taste or texture and can be used for cooking or as a garnish. Our serve size is 125ml (1/2 cup).

  • 125ml of cream contains 1820kJ and 28g saturated fat
  • 125ml of thickened cream contains 2000kJ and 34g saturated fat
Shopping for cream alternatives
Alpro Soya Single Soy Cream
125ml serve: 860kJ, 2.4g saturated fat

A dairy-free cream alternative. Use just as you would cream.

Shopping for cream alternatives
Anchor Green Style Yoghurt Natural
125g serve: 314kJ, 1.4g saturated fat

Great in both sweet and savoury dishes. It will curdle if boiled so use in final stages of cooking. Use instead of thickened cream with desserts.

Shopping for cream alternatives
Meadow Fresh Lite Cream
125ml serve: 738kJ, 9.9g saturated fat

Lower in kilojoules and saturated fat than standard cream, and great for cooking. Not suitable for whipping.

Shopping for cream alternatives
Nestle Carnation Light & Creamy Evaporated
125ml serve: 513kJ, 1.4g saturated fat

Wonderful to use in cooking instead of cream. It can curdle, so add it at the end of cooking and just simmer.

Shopping for cream alternatives
Trident Coconut Milk Lite
125ml serve; 381kJ, 8.4g saturated fat

Great in a curry with less than half the saturated fat of cream.

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First published: Apr 2016

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