10 ways with yoghurt

10 ways with yoghurt

Add a pottle (or two) of yoghurt to give your sweet or savoury dishes a creamier texture and flavour plus.

1.  Go Greek

Make a tasty tzatziki to use as a dip or a sauce with meat. Mix plain yoghurt with chopped garlic, diced cucumber and lemon.

2.  Creamy flavour

Use plain yoghurt as a garnish on a baked potato instead of sour cream, or top a spicy Indian curry with a dollop for a creamy contrast without the fat. Yoghurt added to chilled soups will add a creamy texture.

3.  Dairy dessert

Whip up a fruit fool for a low-fat dessert. Use any chopped fresh fruit and fruit yoghurt in a complementary flavour. Serve layered in parfait glasses.

4.  Lemon meringue pie

Mix plain or lemon yoghurt with lemon curd and serve with fresh fruit. Break a couple of meringues over the top for a delicious variation on lemon meringue pie.

5.  Dress it up

For a yummy chicken salad dressing, try a mix of plain yoghurt, lemon juice, salt and pepper, and a dash of olive oil.

6.  Berry jelly

Make yoghurt berry jellies by mixing berry-flavoured yoghurt with dissolved gelatine (follow the packet instructions). Pour into moulds and refrigerate to set. Serve with scattered berries.

7.  Lighten up

Use yoghurt instead of cream in desserts – it works well with meringues, pavlova, trifle and other puddings where you want a creamy texture. Low-fat vanilla yoghurt works well.

8.  Indian paste

Yoghurt is an important part of a tandoori marinade. Mix with tandoori paste to your taste. Marinate beef, lamb or chicken skewers in this mixture for a few hours or overnight. Stir-fry or bake.

9.  Ice-block treat

For a treat, pour yoghurt into ice-block moulds to make calcium-rich frozen yoghurt pops.

10.  Delicious dip

Make a tasty dip by combining smoked salmon or other smoked fish with yoghurt, lemon juice and fresh herbs such as parsley and dill. Prepare ahead for the best flavour.

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