Everyday choices: Chocolate bars 1

Everyday choices: Chocolate bars

We know chocolate is not an everyday food but, on those occasions we feel like some chocolate, how do we know which bar to choose? Whittaker’s Creamy Milk Chocolate, 50g bar 1180kJ, 4.6g protein, 17.8g fat, 9.8g sat fat, 22.4g sugars, 0.4g fibre (estimated) vs Well Naturally No Sugar Added Milk Chocolate, 45g bar 815kJ,

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Creamed rice, chocolate, cooking with quinoa 2

Creamed rice, chocolate, cooking with quinoa

Join Healthy Food Guide editor Niki Bezzant and nutritionist Claire Turnbull as they answer your nutrition and healthy eating questions and deal with hot nutrition topics. This week the topics discussed are: Is creamed rice healthy? Can eating chocolate with high levels of cocoa lower cholesterol levels? Cooking with quinoa Click the orange play button

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Ask the experts: Chocolate to reduce cholesterol 3

Ask the experts: Chocolate to reduce cholesterol

Q: "News reports recently quoted research from the American Heart Association where people eating chocolate with a sufficiently high percentage of cocoa beans experienced a reduction in their cholesterol levels. Both Whittaker and Cadbury sell chocolate with very high percentages of cocoa solids (listed as cocoa butter). Should people who are seeking to lower their

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Can you outsmart your cravings? 4

Can you outsmart your cravings?

Yes! Karen Fittall has sought out expert advice on overcoming yearnings for chocolate, biscuits, chips and more. Science says Cravings are defined as a ‘strong desire for a particular food’ as opposed to general hunger, when any type of food will fit the bill. When cravings hit – and many of us experience them frequently

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How to conquer a sweet tooth 5

How to conquer a sweet tooth

Here are some solutions for curbing that sweet tooth. The theory goes that by consuming sugars we increase the levels of serotonin, a brain neurotransmitter that is known to elevate mood. However, although such food cravings are common, and a lot of research has been done, the data surrounding this theory is still inconsistent. There

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How to tame a sweet tooth 6

How to tame a sweet tooth

Tips on coping with a common problem: the call of the sweet. Like many people, I have a real sweet tooth. Chocolate calls me. But I never realised the extent of my problem until I changed jobs. At the old job there was a nearby café that served lovely small pieces of slice with their

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