How much calcium is in your groceries? 1

How much calcium is in your groceries?

We know that milk is good for our bones, but where else can we get our daily calcium? Bash them around too much and you may break one or two but, generally, we don’t think too much about our bones, until later in life when we might be diagnosed with osteoporosis. This is where our

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Calcium and exercise 2

Calcium and exercise

If you exercise most days, a diet with adequate calcium is very important for your overall health. Calcium is vital to keep bones and teeth healthy. A diet with adequate calcium intake includes milk, low-fat yoghurt, small amounts of cheese, tinned bony fish such as salmon and sardines, pulses, almonds and green leafy vegetables. Requirements

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How to get enough calcium 3

How to get enough calcium

Milk and dairy products, as well as being a source of protein and providing a range of vitamins and minerals, are the main source of calcium in a typical Kiwi diet. Because of this we're advised to get at least two servings (if not more) of milk or milk products every day. A serving equals

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15 (other) ways to get calcium 5

15 (other) ways to get calcium

There's 325mg of calcium in a cup of 'light blue' milk. But what if you can't drink milk? Don't panic – nutritionist Lisa Yates has plenty of ways to boost bone health. Calcium, the bone-strengthening mineral, is important at every age. Daily calcium needs Who? Age Amount Children 1-3 yrs4-8 yrs 500mg700mg Boys and girls

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Are the naysayers milking it? Full fat vs low fat 6

Are the naysayers milking it? Full fat vs low fat

Are dairy products good for your health or linked to issues such as heart disease, food intolerance and weight gain? Stephanie Osfield investigates. Dairy has had a bad rap in recent years. The resulting misconceptions have led a growing number of New Zealanders to needlessly reduce or cut out foods such as milk, yoghurt and

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The diseases your diet can save you from 9

The diseases your diet can save you from

How is it possible people in developed countries are showing up at medical centres with conditions associated with malnutrition? In Western societies food is plentiful (so much so we waste a lot of it) and health and nutrition information is widely available (Healthy Food Guide is in all the supermarkets).  Yet this paradox of food

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