How much fibre is in that bread product? 1

How much fibre is in that bread product?

Fancy a change from bread for your daily sandwich? We compare how much fibre is in other options. As it’s not obligatory, some products didn’t have fibre on their nutrition panel. When fibre is not listed, choose a wholemeal, wholegrain or nut and seed version where possible. To reduce our risk of chronic disease, it’s

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How to choose breakfast cereals 2

How to choose breakfast cereals

What could be better after an overnight fast than to feed our brains and muscles? But breakfast is a meal that is often skipped — we suspect partly due to that morning rush. If yours is a busy morning, cereals are the perfect choice for an easy, fuss-free kick-start to your day. Why bother with

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How to choose bread 3

How to choose bread

Bread is an important part of the diet for most of us. HFG senior nutritionist Rose Carr shows us how to choose wisely. Carbohydrates Bread is the largest single contributor of carbohydrates in our diets. Carbs are our friend, but they can turn against us if we over-consume them, especially the nutrient-poor carbs found in

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Everyday choices: Muesli 4

Everyday choices: Muesli

The word organic makes it sounds like a food might be healthier. How does an organic muesli stack up against a regular one? Nicola’s Organics Organic Muesli, Maple Almond Toasted Ingredients: Rolled oats, raisins, (raisins, sunflower oil), maple syrup, sunflower oil, sunflower seeds, almonds and vanilla extract. Per 50g serve: 751kJ, 5.6g protein, 6.4g fat,

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Everyday shopping: Breakfast cereals 5

Everyday shopping: Breakfast cereals

We take the confusion out of cereal shopping. Cereal is perfect for breakfast when time is tight on busy mornings. But the supermarket cereal aisle can be confusing. Which cereals cater best for you and your family's tastes and needs? Here's a guide to what to look for on the packaging. Tips and traps Fibre

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This vs that: Croissant, bagel and multigrain bread 6

This vs that: Croissant, bagel and multigrain bread

Most of us know that standard white bread has little to recommend it nutrition-wise, but what about croissants and bagels? We compare a croissant (90g), a plain bagel (90g) and 2 slices of multigrain bread (74g). 1 croissant 1340kJ energy 17.3g fat 10.1g saturated fat 6.1g protein 2.6g fibre 36g carbohydrates 1 plain bagel 1010kJ

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Extreme makeover: Garlic bread 7

Extreme makeover: Garlic bread

Who doesn't love crunchy, buttery garlic bread? But it's a fat trap that can add extra kilojoules very easily before we even get on to the main course. To give garlic bread a makeover: Mix minced garlic, finely chopped parsley and a small amount of olive oil together – if you have a blender or

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How much sugar is in that breakfast cereal? 8

How much sugar is in that breakfast cereal?

Breakfast-eaters have been shown to have overall better diets, less chance of chronic diseases, better concentration and performance, and better weight control. We have compared the sugar content per serve to teaspoons of sugar, and highlighted the percentage of sugar per 100g. Label-reading tips *These cereals contain dried fruit. While dried fruit naturally adds sugar,

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Why you should eat oats 9

Why you should eat oats

Oats are healthy, cost effective, great for our health and aren't just a breakfast food. Romans of classical times considered oats to be coarse barbarian fare and used them mainly to feed animals. However, it was the Romans who fostered the cultivation of oats in Britain, where they became the principal cereal of both Wales

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How to choose hot cereals 10

How to choose hot cereals

A hot cereal is just what’s needed to warm you up on a cold wintery morning. We take a closer look at some of the options. What’s available Many hot cereals are oat-based. Rolled oats are created when oat groats are steamed then rolled into flakes. The thinner the oat flakes, or the longer you

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