How to choose wraps

How to choose wraps

The wraps we see today are not a new concept; unleavened bread has been around since ancient times. We take a look at the options.

Note: It’s not just the wrap that’s important — it’s what we put in it! Load it up with lots of vegetables and some lean protein to create a healthy meal.

What’s available

Wraps are a fantastic substitute for a sandwich — in fact, you can often get more filling (especially vegetables) into a wrap than in a sandwich, making them a healthy alternative. Wraps come in many other guises: tortillas, Lebanese bread, mountain bread and roti. Essentially, a wrap is a flat bread that can be rolled. With all this variety available, what should we be looking out for when buying wraps?


Even though wraps look thin, they may contain more energy (kilojoules) than you think. Two sandwich slices of grainy or wholemeal bread provide around 540—690kJ. The wraps we looked at varied from 285kJ for a Mountain Bread Rice Wrap to 964kJ for a Pams Jumbo Tortilla. So your choice of wrap will depend on your needs. If you’re watching your weight, a lower-energy wrap like any of the Mountain Bread wraps would be a good option. But if you need more energy or need to gain weight, a larger wrap such as the Jabal Lebanese Bread Wheatmeal, at 896kJ, would be suitable.


Fibre is important for our bowel health so we need to include it where we can. While some wraps are lower in fibre than others, it’s easy to boost the content by adding high-fibre fillings. Spinach, carrot, avocado, tomato, pumpkin, capsicum, hummus, beans, nuts and seeds are all good high-fibre options. The fibre content also depends on the size of the wrap. We recommend choosing wraps with more than 2.5g fibre per wrap.


The sodium content of wraps is something else we need to watch. While the sodium content of those we sampled wasn’t too high, it did depend on the size of the wrap. The range was from 12mg in Pams Naan Garlic Flat Breads to 427mg in Old El Paso Jumbo Tortillas. We recommend choosing wraps with no more than 325mg sodium per wrap.

How to choose

Use the criteria below to compare wraps.

How to choose wraps

Some healthier choices we found

How to choose wraps
Pams Naan 5 Garlic Flat Breads
$2.99 per 350g pack

Nutrition per 70g wrap: 703kJ; 12mg sodium; 3.2g fibre; $0.60

Love the garlic taste! Would be delicious toasted.

How to choose wraps
Nature’s Fresh Original Wraps
$2.99 per 300g pack

Nutrition per 50g wrap: 560kJ; 215mg sodium; 5.5g fibre; $0.50

Soft with good texture.

How to choose wraps
Freya’s Soy & Linseed Wrap
$5.89 per 420g pack

Nutrition per 70g wrap: 830kJ; 290mg sodium; 5.1g fibre; $0.98

Great texture and taste. Fresh and wholesome.

How to choose wraps
Farrah’s Sprouted Grain with Ancient Grains
$4.99 per 364g pack

Nutrition per 59g wrap: 696kJ; 59mg sodium; 6.3g fibre; $0.83

Moist and delicious! Easy to wrap.

How to choose wraps
Gluten Freedom Lebanese Pita Bread
$7.60 per 260g pack

Nutrition per 65g wrap: 607kJ; 141mg sodium; 5.4g fibre; $1.90

Tasted delicious. Soft and pliable for easy rolling and can also be filled.

How to choose wraps
Jabal Lebanese Bread Wheatmeal
$5.19 per 480g pack

Nutrition per 80g wrap: 896kJ; 344mg sodium; 6.7g fibre; $0.87

Authentic and tasty. Fill or roll it! Could be used as a pizza base.

How to choose wraps
Old El Paso Tortillas – 10 Mini
$4.59 per 250g pack

Nutrition per 25g wrap: 333kJ; 142mg sodium; 0.6g fibre; $0.46

Soft with a good texture. A good size.

How to choose wraps
Mountain Bread Corn Wraps
$5.59 per 200g pack

Nutrition per 25g wrap: 293kJ; 100mg sodium; 0.6g fibre; $0.70

Thin with a good taste and texture. Low in fibre so load up with high-fibre filling.

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First published: Apr 2017

2017-05-03 12:49:55

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