Portion distortion: Cereal 1

Portion distortion: Cereal

A bowl of cereal can be a great way to start the day. Choose a low-sugar, high-fibre cereal, add some trim milk and you’re getting a head start on your daily fibre and calcium intake, as well as filling up on long-lasting energy. But how much cereal are you eating at breakfast? And how does that

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Ask the experts: Wholegrain breads 2

Ask the experts: Wholegrain breads

Q: "I’m having trouble finding wholegrain breads. Do seven-grain/nine-grain/12-grain breads fit into the wholegrain list?" (Name not supplied) A: Nutritionist Bronwen King responds: “These breads would certainly fit into the whole grain category. These descriptions in the ingredients lists indicate whether breads contain whole grains: wholemeal, multi-grain, seeded, mixed grain, whole-wheat, granary, kibbled grain or

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How to choose hot cereals 2018 3

How to choose hot cereals 2018

With a wide range of products and information available, trying to decide which cereal to buy for breakfast can feel a bit like wading through porridge. Dietitian Katrina Pace defines your search criteria. What could be a better way to start a cold winter’s day than digging into a steaming hot bowl of porridge? Packed

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10 ways with pita bread

This versatile flat bread is so much more than just a good-to-go pizza base. 1. Pita nachos Split pita breads in 2 rounds. Spray with oil and sprinkle with Mexican spice mix, smoked paprika or ground cumin. Cut in triangles and spread on a baking tray. Bake in a 200°C oven for 5-8 minutes until

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How to choose kids’ breakfast cereals 4

How to choose kids’ breakfast cereals

Sending our kids to school on a full stomach sets them up well for a day of learning and playing. Typically, when we think about kids’ breakfast cereal, sugar-coating, chocolate or cartoon-shapes come to mind. As expected, these can be packed with sugar and tend to be low in fibre. But choosing a healthier cereal

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10 ways with muesli 5

10 ways with muesli

There’s more to muesli than simply adding milk. 1.  Frozen yoghurt sundaes Layer fresh or canned fruit, frozen yoghurt and muesli in glasses and freeze for 10 minutes. We like mango and strawberry. 2.  Quick muesli ‘porridge’ Need a warm way to start your day? Make quick muesli porridge by heating your favourite muesli and

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How to choose hot cereals 6

How to choose hot cereals

To be on top form each day, and to face wild winter weather, a warming porridge is just what’s called for. What’s available A Scottish influence on our eating habits is no more apparent that in the selection of hot breakfast cereals; almost all being some form of oats. There’s a texture to suit all

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February: Things we love 7

February: Things we love

Every month we round up our favourite products at HFG. Check out our top picks for this month! DOWNLOAD – Click to view February issue’s Things we love Author: Kayla Brunton Healthy Food Guide First published: Feb 2018 2018-02-01 15:39:20

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Everyday choices: Rice cakes or toast? 8

Everyday choices: Rice cakes or toast?

Hungry for a snack? A bit of hummus on something should hit the spot, but which will fill you up for longer: rice cakes or bread? Sun Rice Original Thins Rice Cakes + Hummus Two rice cakes with two tablespoons hummus: 486kJ, 3.2g protein, 3.6g fat, 0.5g sat fat, 16.8g carbs, 0.3g sugars, 2.2g fibre,

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Guide to wraps 9

Guide to wraps

It’s easy to wrap your filling of choice for a handheld lunch to go. But there are a few traps on the wrap shelf. HFG senior nutritionist Rose Carr investigates. Unleavened breads have been around in various forms since ancient times but what we call wraps have only gained popularity over the past five to

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