Do you have a coffee habit? 1

Do you have a coffee habit?

I know that I will be unpopular with some of you now, I am fully aware how attached you may be to your flat white or morning macchiato. The thing is, for many of you, this reliance on a morning coffee and feeling like you NEED a trip to the café for your caffeine fix

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Let’s call time on energy drinks 2

Let’s call time on energy drinks

“Would you give your children 12 teaspoons of sugar and two espressos?” That’s the question Jamie Oliver recently asked in a tweet, as part of his campaign to regulate the sale of energy drinks in the UK. Here in New Zealand, a top heart surgeon is calling for the same thing. Cardiologist Harvey White says

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What’s in your cuppa? 3

What’s in your cuppa?

Reaching for your favourite hot drink may add extra kilojoules to your diet without you even realising. Nutritionist Zoe Wilson and Larina Robinson reveal what’s really in your cuppa. Coffee What’s in it? Coffee beans — Arabica, Robusta or a blend of both. Mochas and flavoured coffees also contain a combination of added sugar, flavours,

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The best alternative milks 4

The best alternative milks

Problems with lactose? Keen to try almond milk? There’s a vast array of alternatives to standard milk on the shelves now, so we pour over which is best for you. Gone are the days when choosing your milk was as simple as deciding between full fat or trim. These days, there’s an extensive range of

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Everyday shopping: Hot drinks 5

Everyday shopping: Hot drinks

We take a look at healthy options for warming winter drinks. Coffee Coffee sometimes gets a bad rap. But drinking coffee increases alertness and coffee contains a good dose of antioxidants.  Moderate consumption has been associated with reduced risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. However, too much coffee can give you the 'jitters'

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Does coffee dehydrate you? 6

Does coffee dehydrate you?

We often hear that coffee and other caffeinated drinks will dehydrate us. What does the evidence say? Did you know that water makes up over 60 per cent of your weight? All that water serves an important purpose. Water helps regulate body temperature; it transports nutrients and waste products; and allows many metabolic reactions to

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What Coke could really do to tackle obesity 7

What Coke could really do to tackle obesity

Coca Cola is no-one’s idea of a health food – and to be fair to them, Coke is not promoted as one, either. However, recently Coke’s move into being ‘part of the solution’ to the obesity crisis facing the nation has raised a few eyebrows. Coke says it is ‘joining the front line’ in the

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Guide to sports drinks 8

Guide to sports drinks

Sports drinks were developed to help athletes doing high-intensity exercise stay hydrated. There are a lot of people using them who perhaps don’t need to. Nutritionists Nicole Barnett and Claire Turnbull investigate what’s in sports drinks to answer, do you need them? Sports drinks and exercise Adequate fluid intake is essential for everyone to maintain

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Raw milk 9

Raw milk

Ciska de Rijk and Gwendoline Keel, food law specialists at Simpson Grierson, outline recent law changes to the supply of raw milk in New Zealand. What’s the deal? As you may know, raw milk is milk that has not been heat-treated (pasteurised) to kill potentially harmful bacteria. Some people believe that raw milk is better

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Fruit juice or fruit drink? 10

Fruit juice or fruit drink?

There's a big difference between a 'fruit juice' and a 'fruit drink'. If it says 'fruit juice', it must contain undiluted fruit juice.  This can have up to 4% added sugar. If it says 'fruit drink', it must contain at least 5% fruit juice. It can contain a lot more than that. The pictures on

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