Coffee in-utero may alter child growth 2

Coffee in-utero may alter child growth

Exposure to moderate to high caffeine levels while in the womb is potentially associated with an increased risk of excess infant growth and weight gain in early childhood, suggests a large observational study published in the online journal BMJ Open. Researchers drew data from just under 51,000 mother and infant pairs participating in the Norwegian

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Ask the experts: Whole water 3

Ask the experts: Whole water

Q: "I've seen this new 'Whole Water' advertised which claims to have protein and fibre. How do they get protein and fibre into water? And why would they do it?" A: Whole Water is a water-based product recently launched by Fonterra. It's a low-energy drink with just 130kJ in a 500ml bottle. This compares to

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How many kilojoules are in that coffee? 4

How many kilojoules are in that coffee?

Coffee is more than just a hot drink for many of us; it’s a wake-me-up, a pick-me-up … part of our morning ritual. These days we have multiple choices. But how much energy are we actually consuming in our coffee? If we drink two (or more) coffees a day, it might be worth noting how

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How to choose milk 5

How to choose milk

We guide you through the milk aisle of the supermarket to help you decipher which type of milk is best for you. Calcium The recommended dietary intake (RDI) for calcium for most adults is 1000mg per day, but for women over 50 and for men over 70 that increases to 1300mg. That’s not easy to

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Alcohol-free drink ideas 6

Alcohol-free drink ideas

I love a good glass of bubbles or a chilled glass of vino as much as anyone else over the festive season, but to ensure I look and feel good I always have plenty of alcohol-free options. Give these a try. Dilute cranberry juice with soda water or sparking water. One-third juice to two-thirds water

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Portion distortion: Coffee 7

Portion distortion: Coffee

How does a medium-serve barista cuppa compare with a coffee you’d make at home? Size definitely counts when it comes to takeaway coffee. Choose a medium takeaway coffee and you get around one-third more volume than making a cup at home. Large takeaway coffees come in at around 460ml per serve, one-and-a-half times your homemade

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How to choose fruit juice 8

How to choose fruit juice

Juice can be a nice occasional drink for a change. Nutritionist Brigid Chunn investigates the options. What’s available? Fruit or vegetable juice A product calling itself fruit or vegetable juice must be 100 per cent juice. But it may be a mix from different juices or it can be reconstituted. Some of the water-soluble vitamins

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How much sugar is in that iced tea? 9

How much sugar is in that iced tea?

Iced teas can be a delicious and refreshing summer drink, but check the nutritional information panel as the sugar content may give you a fright! Serve sizes These vary. A 500ml bottle may say it’s either one or two serves, but once the bottle is opened, chances are you’ll drink it all. We’ve compared the

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Fact or fiction: Homogenised milk is bad for you 10

Fact or fiction: Homogenised milk is bad for you

This one crops up sometimes on the Internet. Is it true or false? The theory goes that during the homogenisation process the fat particles in milk become so small that the body cannot digest them, so it converts them into xanthine oxidase, which deposits itself around the arterial wall of the heart, causing heart disease.

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