Sporty juniors get health boost on field

Sporty juniors get health boost on field

Young Lower Hutt touch rugby players have healthier drinking options thanks to a new move promoting water as the drink of choice.

As part of a collaboration between the Total Touch rugby programme Healthy Families Lower Hutt junior touch rugby players have been given portable ‘hydration stations’ to access free water at Hutt and Fraser parks. Total Touch referees are also leading by example by not drinking fizzy or sports drinks in front of the players, Total Touch spokesperson Bronwyn Jahnke says in a Healthy Families Lower Hutt press release.

“We know big change starts small, and this was a change we wanted to make”, Ms Jahnke says.
Player of the day and prizegivings have also been given a healthier twist. Instead of the usual takeaway vouchers, large blocks of chocolate and fizzy drinks, prizes now include swimming pool passes, smaller chocolate treats and popcorn, she says.

“Our next focus is making sure there are healthier food and drink options available at Hutt and Fraser parks.”

Water is the drink recommended by Healthy Food Guide for children and teens. If sporty kids’ training sessions are less than 60 minutes or not high intensity, you can definitely skip the sports drinks (, July 2014).

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First published: Apr 2017

2017-05-02 09:48:53

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