How to choose hot drinks 1

How to choose hot drinks

There aren’t many things better than wrapping your hands around a steaming mug on a cold winter’s day. Here’s how to get your hot drink fix with less sugar, salt and saturated fat. There’s a huge variety if you’re on the lookout for a hot drink. With many teas and coffees the nutrition depends on

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This vs that: Soy, rice and almond milks 2

This vs that: Soy, rice and almond milks

Some people can’t consume cow’s milk, or prefer not to, while others just want a change. We compare three of the many cow’s milk alternatives available, using a 1 cup (250ml) serve. So Good Regular Soy Milk 683kJ energy 8g protein 8.8g fat 1g saturated fat 5g sugar 400mg calcium Vitasoy Rice Milk Enriched 577kJ

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Ask the experts: Bleaching water 4

Ask the experts: Bleaching water

Q: "Will a few drops of Janola (or any other bleach) enable unsuitable, or perhaps water from unknown origins, to be used as drinking water? This would be in an emergency only." Marsha A: Bronwen King, author of 'Survive bird flu and other disasters', responds: "The answer to your question is yes! Chlorination has long

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10 ways with red wine 5

10 ways with red wine

There’s no need to let leftover red wine go to waste, writes Laura Fudim. 1.  Delicious and decadent Create a delicious dinner party dessert by combining 1/3 cup sugar, 1/2 cup red wine and 500g frozen berries and bring to the boil. Reduce heat to low and simmer for about 30 minutes. Use as a

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How to make kombucha 7

How to make kombucha

You will need large glass jar sheet of paper towel or small clean cloth elastic band Ingredients 1 litre filtered or cooled, boiled water 1/4 cup white sugar 2-3 tea bags or 2-3 teaspoons loose tea 1 SCOBY (sourced from a kombucha-making friend or buy one from a health food store or online) at least

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Ask the experts: Storing coffee 8

Ask the experts: Storing coffee

Q: "Some years ago we were told to store ground coffee in the freezer. Seems reasonable: surely this would slow down the evaporation and/or decomposition of the things that are supposed to give the coffee its flavour? But now we're told to store it in a cool place, not in the freezer. Why not the

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Try this: Matcha 9

Try this: Matcha

What is it? Matcha is powdered green tea. It has been traditionally consumed for hundreds of years in Japan. How do I use it? Matcha powder is traditionally mixed with hot water and whisked to make tea. It can also be mixed with frothed dairy or nut milk to make a matcha latte, which is

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How do they make milk? 10

How do they make milk?

In the first of a new series, HFG senior nutritionist Rose Carr looks at how common foods get from field to plate. While for many foods we might say less processing is better, that’s not quite the case for milk. Once the cows have produced the milk it is not just a matter of collecting

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