Think before you drink: How to beat a hangover 2

Think before you drink: How to beat a hangover

Unfortunately, a hangover is something most of us have experienced. Is there anything we can do to make the morning after less painful? Often accompanied by regret, a hangover is the unwanted companion of too much alcohol. The technical term for a hangover is 'veisalgia', coming from the Norwegian word 'kveis' meaning 'uneasiness following debauchery'

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Raising our children not to binge drink 3

Raising our children not to binge drink

Paediatric dietitian Anna Richards offers ways to help young adults respect alcohol and make responsible choices. It’s a leap of faith, sending our children into the world, trusting our messages got through, and we gave them the tools to cope. The news is flooded with reports of binge drinking teens swamping our emergency departments. Our

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Wine: Drink to your health? 4

Wine: Drink to your health?

We give you the lowdown on wine – is it beneficial, harmful, or both? We've been drinking wine for thousands of years, possibly since around 6000BC. Our first wines were probably discovered by accident as grapes spoiled and fermented in a container. One Persian fable claims wine was discovered by a Princess who tried to

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How many kJs are in alcoholic drinks? 5

How many kJs are in alcoholic drinks?

We compare three alcoholic beverages (an amount you might consume during a night out) to its equivalent amount of sliced white bread. An ‘average’ person needs around 8700kJ each day, and excess kilojoules are stored as fat. It’s surprising how many kilojoules alcohol can add to your daily energy intake. These kilojoules are often called

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Effective ways to be healthy at work 7

Effective ways to be healthy at work

More and more research is emerging associating long work hours and job stress with chronic illness, alcohol abuse and over eating, but there are things we can do to be healthier at work. Long work hours (over 39 hours a week) are thought to interfere with a person’s ability to look after themselves properly and

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Hangover ‘helpers’ 8

Hangover ‘helpers’

Hangovers can be a common feature of the holiday season. Nutritionist Catherine Saxelby checks out popular hangover cures to reveal what works best. You probably know that too many wines cause dehydration, resulting in all sorts of nasty side effects – but there’s more to the story than that. When your body attempts to flush

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New app on the horizon for risky drinking Kiwis 9

New app on the horizon for risky drinking Kiwis

A New Zealand version of a popular US smartphone app Step Away will be developed to help Kiwis self-manage their risky drinking. Natalie Walker, programme leader of the Addiction Team at the University of Auckland Clinical Trials Research Unit, has received a grant from the Health Research Council of New Zealand to determine if six

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Alcohol and your health 10

Alcohol and your health

You might enjoy the odd tipple, but how much do you know about what’s happening inside your body after a drink or two? And what are the effects for now and in the long term? Karen Fittall investigates. On the one hand, we’re told that enjoying a glass of red is a heart-healthy habit. On

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