Top tips for healthy Indian cooking

Top tips for healthy Indian cooking – Mehernosh Mody is behind the eclectic menu at West London‘s La Porte des Indes, which features classic, vegetarian and light lunch menus as well as offering live cooking demonstrations. Here Mehernosh shares his top tips for keeping your Indian dishes authentic and healthy…
Top tips for healthy Indian cooking

Top tips for healthy Indian cooking

Use oil sparingly…

Olive oil has been found to have great health benefits but should be used only for stir-frying and pan-frying, and just a splash is needed. It is not recommended for deep-frying due to the large quantity required. Using non-stick cookware can help you to limit the use of oil when cooking curries.


Cut down on fat…Top tips for healthy Indian cooking

If trying to cut down the fat content of your meal, change the menu and cook Indian dishes and breads that require no frying.


Substitutions for coconut milk…

For adding richness to a dish, try using skimmed milk, cashew nut paste or poppy seed paste instead of the regular coconut milk or cream.


Top tips for healthy Indian cooking

Try tandoori…

Grill, boil, steam and bake instead of frying where possible. Tandoori grilling is the best form of cooking where minimal or no oil is used and the intense heat cooks the food quickly, sealing in all the nutrients.


Simple swaps…

Opt for wholemeal flour instead of plain flour when making chappatis or parathas and swap white rice for brown basmati.


Lighten the load…

Top tips for healthy Indian cooking

Bulk up dishes using healthy legumes such as sprouted beans and lentils. You will still get a substantial meal but using less meat will make your dish lighter.


Better-for-you bases…

While coconut products such as creams and milks have health benefits, the fat content is usually high so opt for tomato bases rather than creamy curries or use low-fat yogurt as a substitute.

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