Own your health

Own your health

Men, here’s a challenge – a 12-week Kick-start Plan.

We often leave our health in our doctor’s or partner’s hands, but there comes a time when we need to take control. After all, we’re not invincible, despite what we may think after a few drinks.

Taking care of ourselves means we can better look after our families and friends, be more productive at work and enjoy ourselves more. That’s right, it’s not about the health stats, rather, it’s about what we hope to accomplish every day. Sometimes unhealthy nutrition behaviours can sneak up on us. Now it’s time to take a breath and reset your brain so you can get back to your healthy habits.

Take control

Having ownership of your health is a desirable trait. Men who are fitter, stronger and leaner tend to have the advantage. For example, would the prop Karl Tu’inukuafe be an all Black if he hadn’t got into great shape? No way. But he made the change and now he’s an inspiration for many Kiwis.

Be a mate

Men thrive in packs. We have a lot of influence over each other, particularly regarding how we eat. Surrounding yourself with friends with similar goals and even supporting a mate to achieve his health goal will be a major boost for you to achieve yours. With this in mind, giving each other excuses to self-sabotage is as uncool as encouraging a drunk mate to drive.


Being mindful is not only for women. In fact, professional athletes attribute mindfulness to many of their sporting successes. Why not do the same for how we eat? We can transform our diet by slowing down, savouring what’s on our plate and tuning in to how we feel. And, by being more in the moment, we are better able to identify and rectify any unhealthy habits we’ve accumulated over the years.

Think about the benefits

Doing simple things well has benefits beyond health. For instance, cooking for yourself is great, but cooking for you and your partner may come with benefits beyond a healthy meal. Alternatively, making your lunch, rather than buying a fast fix, not only reduces your waistline, but also saves your money for important things – such as that much-needed holiday.

Bring it on!

Embrace the Kick-start Plan and set yourself the challenge of improving your health. You’re not the only one who will benefit.

Author: Dave Shaw

Healthy Food Guide

First published: Oct 2018

2018-09-13 16:50:37

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