Inspire workplace wellbeing

Inspire workplace wellbeing

Why staff wellbeing?

Staff wellbeing is increasingly becoming an important part of the Health & Safety plan in many workplaces.

There is growing evidence that corporate wellbeing programmes can:

  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce absenteeism and injuries at work
  • Reduce staff turnover
  • Get the employee’s family and community singing your praises

For this reason, many organisations are looking for tools and resources to add to their workplace wellbeing programmes to encourage and inspire their staff to be healthier…

We can help!

We can put together a plan for your staff that promotes and inspires positive health outcomes – with plenty of fun along the way. Our digital resource is packed with thousands of healthy recipes, practical articles, expert advice and tips to help your team make healthier choices on what to buy, cook and eat, no matter what their health challenge or household situation.

Wellbeing managers can rely on the Healthy Food Guide resource because it is:

    • Evidence based
    • Practical and credible
    • Expert advice on many diet-related issues
    • Local to New Zealand environment
    • Largest food and nutrition resource available to New Zealand consumers
    • Content is being added to constantly.

Here is a short video explaining our digital resource:

Contact us today to find out how you can help staff:

  • Get and stay healthy
  • Reduce stress
  • Get more energy
  • Lose weight
  • Have a better memory
  • Eat better when doing shift work or spending a lot of time on the road, and much more!

If you need help working out how to incorporate workplace wellbeing into your health and safety programme, we can help.

Please contact Tim Mehrtens or phone +64 9 484 1347 to find out more.


This is the sort of impact you should expect when using Healthy Food Guide’s wellbeing resource:

“We’ve been using the Healthy Food Guide workplace wellbeing digital resource for eleven months now, and are pleased to report that we’ve already noticed staff bringing healthier food towards their shared lunches. We’re looking forward to seeing more changes as they continue on their journey to better health.” Vircom EMS – Neha Buveja – Human Resources Business Partner

This year Bell Gully subscribed to Healthy Food Guides’ workplace wellbeing programme and the up-take thus far has been really good. I’ve even had team members coming to me with genuine gratitude for providing them with access to such a wonderful and easy to use tool. With our team working in a very pressured environment we don’t often get a lot of feedback and it speaks volumes to receive so many positive comments.” Bell Gully – Louise Alexander – HR Director

We may not express it to you often but are finding your programme to be an AMAZING support for our Wellness initiatives with the team. It’s really fantastic, keep up the good work.” The Drug Detection Agency – Maria Templeman – General Manager

Here are some of the organisations promoting wellbeing in their workplace with Healthy Food Guide:

Inspire workplace wellbeing
Inspire workplace wellbeing
Inspire workplace wellbeing
Inspire workplace wellbeing
Inspire workplace wellbeing
Inspire workplace wellbeing
Inspire workplace wellbeing
Inspire workplace wellbeing
Author: Kayla Brunton

Healthy Food Guide

First published: May 2018

2018-08-30 16:54:15

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