Men, it’s time to talk about your health

Men, it’s time to talk about your health

Men’s Health Month, run by the Men’s Health Trust NZ, is on this month with the theme #MenStartTalking.

The awareness month encourages men to open up and talk about their health, and visit their GP for a check-up.

Men’s Health Trust medical director and doctor Graeme Washer says in a press release that it’s important for men to stop being complacent when it comes to their health.

“Early detection is critical for the majority of illnesses, and it’s time men realised they are not bulletproof or immortal. Daily I have men come to my practice saying they are only here because their wife or partner has sent them. It’s then I know it’s likely to be a serious health issue,” Dr Washer says.

“A regular yearly health check-up with your GP could potentially save your life. This is the message we need our Kiwi males to hear loud and clear.”

Around 3000 men die every year from preventable illnesses, such as heart disease and diabetes, but there are things you can do to reduce your risk.

Most of the risk factors for heart disease are lifestyle related. They are a result of the everyday choices we make about what to eat, how much to exercise, and whether to smoke.

Prostate cancer is the third most common cancer after lung and bowel cancer. It’s not known what causes prostate cancer. Your risk increases with age – it is rare in men under the age of 50. A healthy, plant-based diet is recommended to reduce the risk of getting prostate cancer. 

*Testicular cancer is the most common cancer for Kiwi men aged 15 – 39
*Every year, 3,000 Kiwi men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer
*Bowel cancer kills more men in New Zealand than prostate cancer, yet if detected early enough, 75 per cent of bowel cancers can be cured
*65 per cent of Kiwi men are overweight or obese
(Statistics sourced from Men’s Health Trust)

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