Griffin’s recalls Choc Chippie Muesli Bars

Griffin’s recalls Choc Chippie Muesli Bars

Griffin’s has recalled its Choc Chippie Muesli Bars after the boxes were found to contain nut bars by mistake, due to a packaging mix-up, and had no allergen warning.

A Griffin’s spokesperson says a handling error during a production run meant a “small number” of Nice & Natural Roasted Nut Bar – Mixed Berry bars were incorrectly packed into Griffin’s Choc Chippies Muesli Bar packets.

“The Choc Chippie Muesli Bars don’t contain peanuts, so those retail packs don’t carry a peanut warning. The risk identified is that a customer with a peanut allergy could mistakenly consume some or all of a nut bar,” the spokesperson says.

The batch of Choc Chippies Muesli Bars (180g) with the best-before date of 14 September 2017 is affected.

“Our estimate is that around 100 retail packs were affected by the error. A higher number was recalled, as the recall process is based on pallet quantities,” he says.

The company says if a consumer has bought this product, to return it to the retail outlet where it was purchased, or send it to the following Freepost address with contact details for a replacement voucher.

Freepost 70942
PO Box 76072
Manukau City
Manukau 2241


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First published: Mar 2017

2017-04-20 10:57:57

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