Exercise tips for the time poor

Exercise tips for the time poor

Fitting exercise into the working day can be a struggle. Developing a routine to exercise when you’re time poor is essential. Your health will thank you and, with evidence exercise supports increased productivity, your work will too.

Here are some ways for the busiest of people to fit exercise in.

Get it done early

Setting your alarm earlier to do exercise in the quiet of the morning is a necessary evil, as the potential for excuses creeps in as your day gets more hectic. The key is to get out of bed when the alarm goes, have your clothes ready the night before and get in to it. In the morning, you’ll need to warm up gradually before any full effort because your intervertebral discs (shock absorbers between your vertebrae) become fully hydrated overnight and, therefore, tighter. When time is limited I aim to be efficient with my choice of exercise, generally choosing a high-intensity session.

Incorporate activity into your lunchtime

If you have the flexibility to exercise at lunchtime take advantage of it. Even if it is a walk around the area you work in, it’s better than nothing. Instead of an afternoon slump you will feel invigorated.

Get workplace fit

Involving your work colleagues in your exercise routine can create a greater level of commitment to getting active in your day as you support each other in your individual fitness journeys. Try forming a lunchtime walking group, arrange to meet a colleague before work for a circuit or sign up to a corporate team challenge.

Increase incidental activity

Developing strategies to move more is a winner in creating healthy fitness habits. Always pick up your own printing from the printer, walk to the other side of the office to speak to a colleague instead of sending an email, investigate stand-up desk options and start taking the stairs. These little tricks will keep your metabolism moving. Fitting exercise into your working week requires a bit of planning so you can lead a full and healthy life.

Cossack squats

These squats are a great leg strengthening and hip mobility exercise.

Exercise tips for the time poor

1. Start with your feet in a wide stance and slightly turned out.

Exercise tips for the time poor


2. Take your weight over to your right side, bending at the knee and hip while maintaining an upright trunk. As you go down on the right side, your left toes lift off the ground and rotate upwards. Lower down within your own range.

Exercise tips for the time poor


3. Return to the starting position straightening your right leg and rotating your left leg and foot back to the starting position.

Exercise tips for the time poor


4. Repeat on the left side.

Exercise tips for the time poor


5. Return to starting position. Repeat.

Author: Sarah Cowley

Healthy Food Guide

First published: Mar 2017

2017-06-12 10:57:15

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