Abdominal migraine in children

Abdominal migraine in children

This condition often goes undiagnosed and is not well-understood.

Previously children were described as having 'bilious attacks' as theysuffer attacks of abdominal pain that can last for several hours.Sometimes the attack is accompanied by nausea or vomiting; often thereis no headache, and where there is it can be very mild.

Children who suffer abdominal migraine can develop migraine during adolescence. Triggers are the same as for adults.

Tips for parents

  • Provide information for child's teacher and school nurse.
  • Child should wear sunglasses to avoid glare.
  • Child should avoid sitting in the back of the car in the heat of the day.
  • Recognise likelihood of onset of 'let down migraines' after young children's parties or after playing Saturday sport.

Thanks to Annette Hallam, National Director of New Zealand MigraineSufferers Support Group for her advice and assistance in reviewing thecontents of this article.

Author: Sarah Ley

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First published: Feb 2007

2016-11-23 21:48:37

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