Ask Niki: Gluten-free nibbles

Ask Niki: Gluten-free nibbles

Q. I have gluten-free friends coming for dinner. The main course is sorted (roast chicken), but I’m stuck for nibbles. Lots of crackers and dips seem to have gluten in them. Help!

Kathy, Timaru

A. Homemade dips, hummus and pesto are good examples of entertaining fare that don’t necessarily have gluten-containing ingredients like the shop-bought varieties do. Try homemade hummus or bean dip with some crisp vege crudités, and rice crackers (look for a gluten-free variety – most are, but it pays to be careful). I have recently discovered Corn Thins – wafer-style rice and corn cakes. Because of their neutral flavour, the thins work well with lovely cheeses, and they look great, too.

A final note – watch you use gluten-free stock making chicken gravy, and don’t thicken it with flour. Gluten-free cornflour works just as well or try a meat jus: simmer juices until they just thicken.

Author: Niki Bezzant

Healthy Food Guide

First published: May 2011

2018-01-23 09:33:21

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